Friday, September 4, 2009

On A-Rod, the police, and crazy Toronto fans

So there's a whole to-do about Alex Rodriguez colliding with the female cop at last night's game. It's gotten as much attention as him getting his 2,500th hit the night before.

I blame the cop, not A-Rod, for the collision. (Yeah, I know, it's a real shocker that I would take A-Rod's side!) But hear me out. Why the heck was that cop not paying attention until Alex was within spitting distance of her? See what I mean in the video?

I'm not being a cop-basher here - you may remember that my late father was a police officer - but I just thought that the cop last night either didn't seem to have very click reflexes, or wasn't paying attention. And neither thing is good. What if that had been a fan jumping on the field, instead of A-Rod approaching her? And she seemed more concerned with hanging onto that stupid stool than she did not interfering with the game.

Speaking of which, a dopey Toronto fan threw a ball at Alfredo Aceves during the game. And according to the Journal-News' Peter Abraham, "It took nearly five minutes for security to reach the area and when they did, the crowd booed." Good grief.

Joe Girardi better be prepared to pull a Jim Leyland and pull his team off the field if anything else happens this weekend, the way Leyland had to do in Toronto on Opening Day. This is getting ridiculous.

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Jonmouk71 said...

Strange things always seem to happen to Yankee players in Toronto - remember Winfield accidentally killing the seagull with a warmup throw and being arrested for cruelty to animals?

On a different note, a big sa-lute to Met pitcher Pat Misch on earning his first win after 12 straight career start losses - he was starting to look like Charlie Brown out there. But then Squawker Jon probably doesn't like Peanuts because it's obviously a ripoff of the Little Rascals. Of course, the Mets as the Peanuts gang casts shortstop Jose Reyes as Snoopy - which Lisa won't like - but then Jose seems to be doing more Snoopy dances in night clubs than in rehab....

Uncle Mike said...

I watched the Yankees last night, and a hockey game broke out!

Appropriate, in the home of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Oh well, soon, Torontonians fans can forget about the Jays, and concentrate on... forgetting the Maple Leafs!

You know what I thought of last night when I saw that cop? The patch that Paul McCartney had on the Sgt. Pepper album cover: O.P.D. Ontario Police Department. The "Paul Is Dead" people thought it meant Officially Pronounced Dead. Paul sure looked alive sitting with Jack Nicholson at Yankee Stadium II the other day!

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