Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meow! Brian Cashman gets his claws out against Joe Torre, and I like it!

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports had a fascinating article today about the Yankees. There are some great quotes from Brian Cashman about this season:

They arrive with a different manager, a new ace and a new offensive leader. That’s not all. They arrive, general manager Brian Cashman said hours before they clinched, with a lot less of the other stuff the Yankees always seem to be dragging.

“There are no other storylines,” he said. “No last hurrahs. No trying to save someone’s job or ‘win one for the Gipper’ or anything.

“It’s real simple, not complicated at all. There’s no soap opera stuff going on. It’s all nice and simple and streamlined. It’s about this group of players on this team that will be going head-to-head with the Angels, Red Sox and either the Tigers or Twins in a tournament held in October. That’s all.”
It's pretty obvious to me  that Cashman is talking about Joe Torre here, with the lines about "no trying to save someone’s job or ‘win one for the Gipper’ or anything.. And what's interesting to me is that, contrary to the media myth that Torre's presence cooled down the media, Cashman seems to be insinuating that St. Joe was a reason for the media firestorm -and the "soap opera" around the Yanks. Heh!

To be sure, A-Rod fading into the background has taken away a lot of the soap opera around the team. But all the "is this the end for Torre" talk also sucked up a lot of oxygen.

And incidentally, Torre still can't talking about the Yankees, and still can't stop making digs. Here's what he told the L.A. Times about Girardi:

In New York, it's so easy to get off the track when you're considering someone else's opinion all the time," Torre said. "So you really have to have some self-worth to fight your way through that stuff. Joey is that guy."
1. That's the first time I've ever heard Girardi called  "Joey." It's like how Torre calls him the kid - it doesn't really fit, and it's a little demeaning.

2. Always the little digs on George Steinbrenner. Never mind that if it weren't for The Boss taking a chance  on him, Joe would be just another failed MLB manager turned broadcaster. Good grief.

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