Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rumble in the Bronx: Yankees and Jays go at it

What a brawl! When you see your team's manager with the makings of a black eye, you know it's an intense fight. I'm writing a piece on The Faster  Times about the Yankees-Blue Jays brawl, but in the meantime, here are a few observations.

Looking at last night semi-objectively, Jorge Posada had no reason to complain about a ball behind his back that didn't even hit him. But I think the way Jesse Carlson stood in his way when Jorge was rounding him was kind of asking  for a response. And I found the whole fight very entertaining. So sue me.

How about Edwar Ramirez? Looks to be about 50  pounds, let he was able to hold back Toronto catcher Rod Barajas! And Mark Teixeira was right in the middle of things, too, which was cool.

But what do you think? Leave us a comment!


Anonymous said...

Lisa,thank goodness no one on either team got hurt (although I read that an umpire got dinged in the need from a soda bottle). It definitely intense but not on the level of Graig Nettles/Bill Lee in the 70's or Pedro/Don Zimmer in '04
I've got to say that watching Girardi in the middle of that reminded me of Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy hanging on to Alonzo Mourning's leg during the Knicks/Miami playoff brawl in the 90's(LOL). If this kid Melancon can't figure out how to pitch inside (hit also hit Pedroia last time Boston was in town) he needs to stay down in Scranton. He's not worth the trouble at this point in the season.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who it was on the Jay's, but someone got a huge egg on his forehead. I think Posada behaved like a cry-baby. The Yankees are headed for the post-season and this is not the time to let your emotions get the better of you. They don't need anyone out on suspension.

The Cycle said...

I already told you some of my thoughts on Twitter, but now I can use more than 140 characters. I agree, Posada shouldn't of overreacted on the throw behind, Carlson needed to protect his hitters who have been hit by Yankees lately and he did it right but going ass-high. Carlson had no reason to run by where Posada scored, it's just asking for trouble.

All in all, it was a great brawl, considering no one was hurt.

The Emperor said...

I get that this year's Yankees aren't going to be bullied around any longer, and that at certain times it's important for them to establish this with other teams.

I get it that our team had tremendous chemistry and everyone gets along very well with one another, and to a man I'm sure that they are all proud of each other after last night's brawl. The Yanks know that all the guys gave each other's back - and this include Girardi. I love this team so much and I love what we are doing, and rigth now I'm a mixture of pure excitement and fear about what will eventually unfold in October. I want it all this year -- so much so that I'm practically savage about it.


Because it's almost the end of the season and we need to focus on clinching our division and finishing up with the best record in baseball, we need all of our guys to be healthy and present.

I think that Posada, while caught up in the heat of competition and battle, if you would, should have taken the high road and maybe only went as far as calling Carlson a few names or asking him if he's excited about watching the Yanks on TV in October, but no further.

He's lucky, teh Yanks are lucky, and we fans are lucky that no one was seriously hurt, but I hope that by having Posada out of the lineup due to a 5-game suspension that he's gonna receive doesn't effect us in any severe way.

As a sidebar, I'm a little concerned about Pettitte's shoulder. I hope he'll be back to normal come Monday.

As for tonight, I hope we win the game. That magic number needs to continue shrinking and quickly.

The Emperor said...

"The Yanks know that all the guys gave each other's back - and this include Girardi."

Type-o - I meant to say "have" each other's back.

NAM said...

Hey Emp,

How are you? I haven't been checking in much lately. It was a crazy summer for me this year. (M my Mom got sick and remodeled my kitchen.) The Red Sox are hanging in there for the Wild Card and thankfully Texas is falling apart. Your Yankees have played amazing baseball since the all-star break. I know what you mean about the October excitement and fear, but better to have it then turning your attentions to the winter sports already. We are lucky that our teams are always in the hunt.

That was a crazy game for you guys last night. Posada went a little too far, but sometimes I think they can only take so much. I hated what Youk did charing the mound and throwing his helmet but sometimes they just have had enough. I think its good to have players who have such intensity.

Do you know if Peggy still blog here? She must be so excited for the post season.

Take care,


The Emperor said...

Hi Noreen,

I'm doing okay, how about you? Good to see you again. I'm sorry about your Mom, but I hope that she's much better now. :-)

I know guys get sick of getting beaned. I know I'd hate it if I was thrown at a lot and hit a bunch of times in a season.

Jorgie never gets plunked, though, and he didn't get hit last night either -- just thrown behind. I just think that in light of the current circumstances with the season wrapping up he overreacted. I can see if he was hit hard somewhere on his body, especially up around his head, but the ball was about 18 inches away from him.

Anyway, he said he'll serve his 3-game suspension right away and hope to have him back in good health in Seattle.

I've seen Peggy blog here a few days ago. She's still around.

Take care!

Lisa Swan said...

Yay, Noreen is back. I was about to post an APB for you! Was wondering why we hadn't heard from you.

Hope your mom and you are doing okay. And glad you're still around.

NAM said...

Thanks Lisa! She is doing great and cooking up a storm in the new kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noreen ...

I'm still here ..just busy so most times I only read but don't comment.

Sorry about your Mom but happy :o) she's doing better.

As far as the team and the upcoming post season ...I sure am excited!!
Everything is right with the world when it's Sox/Yankees in the post season !! Of course ...MUCH BETTER when Yankees win the World Series ...haha.

I've been to quite a few games the past week and a half. I was at the Brawl Game but most importantly I was at the games where Jeter tied the record and surpassed Lou's record for most hits as a Yankee. Soooooo exciting !!! The best part was when the players all came over to lst base to congratulate him. I was also at the Angels game (see..we can beat them ..haha). The Sox always beat them so no surprise there. Two exciting games last night for both our teams ...walk offs. I love Cervelli ..he is just too darn adorable. I was so happy he got the hit.

Anyway that I posted my Mrs. Mike'm going back to work. Thanks for thinking of me Noreen and welcome back because I too was wondering where you were ??
(who would ever think I'd miss a Red Sox fan ... lololol)


Go Yankees 2009 !!

NAM said...

Hi Peggy!

How wonderful to go to those games. Jeter has been amazing this year. I like to see the "old" guys do well! And it's nice to set new milestones and memories in the new stadium. It was so funny how you had that one game with the Angels. I hadn't checked out the week's schedule on Monday and just assumed you had a series with them and then they are suddenly in Fenway. I hope we sweep them. Last night was crazy. I'll try to check in more and see what Lisa is writing/ranting about. I'm glad our teams are heading for the post season. It is going to be great.

And how is your daughter? Is she making wedding plans or just enjoying her engagement?

Have a great day!


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