Monday, September 21, 2009

Great day for Jets and Giants, as Patriots and Cowboys go down in flames

It feels very strange to ever root on the same side as Met fan Squawker Jon, but I was doing just that yesterday with the Jets-Patriots game, and with the Giants-Cowboys. So please bear with me a little, while I do some football talk this morning. I'll be back to baseball (and Joba!) later on today, I promise, after this gridiron interruption.

Jon, of course, like most Mets fan, is a Jets fan. As for myself, I'm not really part of Gang Green (I'm a mild Giants fan, and I root for the Tennessee Titans when Vince Young is playing!) But since I hate virtually everything from New England except for Stephen King and the Gorton's Fisherman, I was of course rooting against the Patriots. And it's not just that most Pat fans are Red Sox fans. It's that New England is the most arrogant team in football. What people accuse the Yankees of, they actually are.

I think Bill Belichick is a sore loser and a clown - the dude seems to be constitutionally incapable of giving anything remotely resembling a sincere post-game handshake. He's above it all, you see.(And I don't want to hear that it's because he wants to win so much. What, the other teams' coaches don't really want to win? Spare me.)

Of course, the coach did the same thing yesterday to Rex Ryan, and he also seemed annoyed that Jets QB Mark Sanchez tried to dare say anything to him after the game. To use the old line from Fat Albert, Belichick is like school in summer - no class.

Then there's that so-called golden boy, Tom Brady. You know, football's Derek Jeter. Only thing is, I've never seen Jeter be so rude with a reporter just doing her job as Brady was last week. After the Patriots' season-opening victory against the Bills, Kolber tried to ask Brady a very innocuous question, about what it was like to be in that dramatic comeback win. The arrogant Tom Terrible, who was practically sprinting off the field while Kolber was on camera trying to talk  to him, made her run across the field to keep up with him before finally spitting out an answer. Whadda jerk.

And, of course, this is the franchise that attempted to register "19-0" and "19-0 - The Perfect Season" as registered trademarks before the Super Bowl.Good grief.

So yes, I was primed to see the Patriots lose yesterday. Squawker Jon and I had a real kumbaya there, as we watched the last few minutes of the game while squawking on the phone together. It is very rare that we agree on anything (Jon rooted for Texas Tech over my Texas Longhorns this weekend, even though he doesn't  even know what a Red Raider is!). So it was kind of fun - albeit strange - to cheer for the same team. I may have been as excited over Gang Green's thrilling victory as he was!

Later on, we watched tthe Giants/Cowboys matchup at the new Cowboys Stadium. I lived in Texas during their '90s championship years, and they were the team that I simply loved to hate. I don't hate them quite as much now - other than the always-odious Jerry Jones, there's nobody really obnoxious to despise on their team. But I will still root against them, especially when it comes to the Giants.

However, I actually think Tony Romo did the right thing in dumping Jessica Simpson. Newsflash to Jessica - aka Yoko Romo - maybe your Hollywood friends think that having a Ken-and-Barbie-themed birthday party is a great idea. For an NFL player, not so much.

Anyhow, it was cool to see the Giants win at the last second - literally - and ruin Jerry Jones' first game at the new monstrosity. That stadium makes the new Yankee Stadium look subdued. And incidentally, did you see Jones digging for gold during the game? What was up with that?

I also liked how somebody in Jones' box seemed to be blocking his view during the field goal. What the heck was that guy thinking?

At any rate, Jon and I were on the same rooting side on that game as well. It's like dogs and cats living together or something! Fortunately, we had him trash-talking about Joba Chamberlain's lousy pitching to be at odds over. Come to think of it, I kind of agree with him there as well. Kumbaya, indeed!

Coming later today - my thoughts on Joba Chamberlain. But in the meantime, tell us what you think!


Anonymous said...

+1 to you comments today Lisa. I am a Yankee fan and a looooooooong suffering Jets fan, so anytime my team can beat the Pats its a good time. And although I am not a Giants fan I respect the team and their organization. I will always praise them for defeating down the Pats on footballs biggest stage in 2008. Never like the Cowboys either "America's team uh, I don't think so".

Look forward to you Yankee game thoughts, thank goodness I had the Jets game to watch. SEVEN RUNS TO ONE OF THE LOWEST SCORING TEAMS IN the AMERICAN LEAGUE?
Then he starts channelling Ian Kennedy circa 2008, with his "I think I pitched well, and no one is going to get me down crap". I know he's young and all but he needs a reality check. Joba rules or no Joba rules he's been mediocre at best. I give him one more start and if he blows up again Joe should keep him off the roster for the ALDS. As Bill Parcells said one "the Huggies are off kid".

Anonymous said...

I could care less about football until after the season is over. Sorry.
"Joba rules" have destroyed Joba.
Start Gaudin in the ALDS if you need a 4th starter. I wouldn't trust Joba in the least. If Yanks go w/3 man rotation no problems CC, AJ, Andy but w/4 man big question mark. Right now I have more faith in Gaudin.

Anonymous said...

I understand saving Joba's arm and taking the time to develop it properly, but what about his mental preparedness. Are they sacrificing one for the other? He has such fire and I hope there not dousing it so he has a long career as an unreliable pitcher.

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