Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No celebration for Derek Jeter, but a big one for Prince Fielder

Well, so much for my thought that Derek Jeter would break Lou Gehrig's record Monday. Despite having two games to do it, Jeter went 0-for-8, and is still four hits away from surpassing Gehrig. Maybe it will happen today.

Squawker Jon and I went to Asbury Park for the day to enjoy the end of summer, so we didn't get to see much of the first game, other than what we saw on a restaurant TV. And the second game was effectively over by the time I got home. I sure am glad A.J. Burnett finally won another game, though.

In other news, I wrote a piece for The Faster Times about Milwaukee Brewer Prince Fielder's over-the-top celebration after Sunday's walkoff win. I had some Milwaukee-related suggestions for other things Fielder could do for an encore.

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Uncle Mike said...

Lisa, blame the Sunday loss in Toronto on me. The Curse of Martell's is still in business.

I was going to indulge in a comparatively recent tradition for myself, heading down the Shore on Labor Day, but as I had tickets to the Rutgers game yesterday -- a 47-15 debacle that made this year's Mets look competent by comparison -- I did it the day before.

I went down to Point Pleasant, home of Martell's Sea Breeze, a legendary Shore fun-spot. It's been home to good food and live music for decades. It's where the Four Seasons were performing in the Summer of 1962 when they found out "Sherry" had hit Number 1.

But there's a problem: The Yankees have never won when I've been at Martell's. And I mean never. I'm not talking about 0-1, or even 0-5. I'm talking about 0-25 over a course of 35 years, and that's just what I can be fairly sure of. This includes an awful Jose Contreras performance against the Red Sox, and two interleague games against the Mets. Come to think of it, the family may have been at Martell's on that crazy day back in 1977 when Reggie and Billy chewed each other out in the Fenway dugout. I figured, with the team the Yankees have now, this was as good a chance as any to break the spell.

When I got there, it was already 3-0 Jays. Oh no, here we go again. Except that, while I was sitting at their bar, they tied it up, 3-3. I thought we had something.

But the bartenders didn't even look at me. Clearly, they were busy, but they couldn't even ask me if I wanted anything? Such service is inexcusable, so I left. From that point on, it was 11-5 Jays for a 14-8 final. Rats. The Curse still lives.

And then yesterday I sat through that horrible Rutgers game. At least the Yanks swept two from the Rays and the Red Sox lost. Drop that Magic Number down.

constant gina said...

I think Jeter is worthy of a top ten spot on everyones list..

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