Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Met hoaxes

Mets Police has responded to my piece fearing that the 1969 Mets were a hoax by coming up with a possible hoax of his own - a made-up player named Jose Reyes.

This theory would explain why "Reyes" has largely been kept out of sight over the last few months.

It also raises the possibilities that some other players will also turn out to be hoaxes. Remember back in spring training when we were told that a man named Putz would solidify the bullpen?

Then there are the alleged top prospects - Fernando Martinez and Jon Niese - who have also disappeared from view. Perhaps they were also fictional creations.

In fact, do we have any proof that the Mets even have a farm system? We could ask the director of player development, but Tony Bernazard has disappeared as well - if he ever existed.

But the biggest hoax of all is down in Philadelphia. Do you really expect us to believe that Pedro Martinez has not only regained his form, but was able to throw 130 pitches over eight shutout innings after throwing 119 pitches in his previous start? Come on, what do you take us for?

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