Saturday, September 19, 2009

Oh, no, Mariano! Ichiro hits walkoff homer off Rivera to win game

Last  night's loss was gut-wrenching at the time - to have Ichiro Suzuki hit a walkoff homer off Mariano Rivera was a real bunch in the stomach. But I'm okay about it today. Poor Squawker reader Jill, though. She was at the game, and had to deal with all those celebrating  Mariners' fans!

Mariano hadn't blown a save since April. He hadn't lost a game since June. The Mariners' best hitter beat the best closer of all time. It's painful, but whaddaya gonna do. Some say Joe Girardi should have had Mo walk Ichiro, but given what a whole to-do it was back in June when Joe had Mo walk Evan Longoria, I can see he didn't.

I will predict that Rivera will blow a save the next time out - he always seems to have his bad outings in bunches.

One other thing to take away from last night's game - A.J. Burnett had a great outing, albeit a now-forgotten one.

In other news, is there any reason to worry about the Red Sox, because they gained a game on the Yanks last night? I say no. As Steve Lombardi of Was Watching points out:
If the Yankees play just .500 baseball for the rest of the season, and go 7-7 in their remaining games, then the Red Sox will have to go 15-1 in their remaining games to pass New York in the standings. Yeah, fifteen and one. 
Yeah, yeah, I know, stranger things have happened - the 2007 Mets, 2004 Yanks, etc. But, more to the point, the Yanks' Magic Number for the Wild Card is only three.  So even if the Sox  somehow won the division, the Yankees are still making the playoffs.
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Uncle Mike said...

Not a good ending. But Burnett straightening himself out is much more important. Bad result, but encouraging performance from Burnett.

Paul from Boston said...

Sure, mathematically there are still other possibilities, but unless BOS sweeps both BAL and KC while NY gets swept off the West Coast there's not going to be any real significance in next weekend's series. Fine by me because I'll be in California and other than maybe some of the Sunday game I don't expect to see any of the series. Yanks should clinch the East during the series and it is possible that the Sox could clinch the WC at the same time.

Only question left - who will the Yankees play in the ALDS? There always seems to be drama in the Central.

Jonmouk71 said...

The Book says you don't put the winning run on base, especially on the road (Yes, I know the Pope, Joe Torre, used to say there was no Book). Lifetime, Rivera had always handled Ichiro well (1 for 9 before this year; he's two for two this year) and he did strike out the first two batters before the double by Sweeney. But I wonder if Girardi walks the lefthanded Suzuki with the short porch at Yankee Stadium out there? You can't do anything but just tip you cap to Ichiro and move on.................

Jason from The Heartland said...

A bit off topic, but thanks a ton for having a link to The Heartland at your blog. I am going to add Subway Squawkers to mine. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't Twinkletoes who blew this game (he didn't even get a chance), this time it was Jo-Bob, the supposed "golden boy". Yeah, the one who likes to drive while drunk, I guess his mother taught him well. Man, is she one ugly woman or what?

Anonymous said...

The Yankees will almost certainly win the division. The Red Sox are going to coast into the playoffs with the wildcard, content to play the Angels again.

But the Yankees will be lucky to get past Detroit. And there's no way that they make the World Series. As long as they still have Alex "Mr. April" Roidriguez on their payroll, they are doomed to postseason futility.

Anonymous said...

Being on the losing side of a walk off ain't fun!
After 14 wins like this what a rude awakening. Ouch.

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