Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cory Sullivan makes homer history for Mets!

On Friday night, the Yankees tied a major-league record when Jorge Posada became the seventh Bomber this year to hit his 20th homer.

So what.

Saturday afternoon, Cory Sullivan became the eighth active Met to hit more than one homer this year.

Sullivan achieved this milestone when he belted his second homer of the year off of Rich Harden in the second inning of the Mets' 5-3 loss to the Cubs.

Here are the historic eight active Mets along with their number of homers (Gary Sheffield is currently out of action):

David Wright - 8
Daniel Murphy - 8
Fernando Tatis - 7
Jeff Francoeur - 7 (as a Met)
Angel Pagan - 6
Omir Santos - 6
Brian Schneider - 3
Cory Sullivan - 2

Luis Castillo and Nick Evans are knocking on the door of the exclusive "More Than One Homer Club" with one roundtripper each.

The combined total of these ten players is 49, leaving the active Mets six ahead of Albert Pujols's 43.

The active Mets are also in a dogfight with the Yankees who are not in the 20-homer club. Derek Jeter (17), Melky Cabrera (11), Eric Hinske (7), Brett Gardner (3), Jerry Hairston Jr. (2), Jose Molina (1) and Francisco Cervelli (1) have combined for 42 homers.

Jeter is eighth on the Yankees in homers and Cabrera is ninth. Both Jeter and Cabrera have more homers than all Mets this year, active or otherwise.

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