Monday, September 14, 2009

Hooray! John Henry is squawking online again!

Thank goodness for small favors. Red Sox owner John Henry now has his own blog on NESN's web site. So I've written about it for The Faster Times. I used Squawker reader Uncle Mike's hilarious description of Henry as a "spiel-driving man" in the article's title - thanks, Mike!

Henry is going to be great fodder for sportswriters and bloggers everywhere. He's already taken time to defend David Ortiz - and dredge up the story again. Cool!

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Anonymous said...

Because Lord knows no one every dredges up stories on this blog. Classy, Classy, Classy Yankee fans and bloggers.

Uncle Mike said...

You're welcome, Lisa, and good job on Henry.

So where is "Faster," anyway? Is it in Westchester, on a Metro-North line, somewhere between Croton and Poughkeepsie?

The things a man will do to be able to type "Poughkeepsie." Nice little town, actually, but it sounds like a game Papelbon and Pedroia play when they think no one is looking.

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