Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Can you come up with a Yankees-Red Sox haiku to win $1000 in tickets?

The good folks at the ticket pricing site FanSnap.com wanted me to let our readers know about their new SmackTracker, where you can see what fans are saying about upcoming series. And to get this party started, they have a Yankees-Red Sox haiku contest, where you can win up to $1000 in tickets! But hurry - the contest ends September 23. Here are the details, courtesy of FanSnap:

Create Your Best Smack-Talking New York or Boston Haiku and Enter to Win $1,000

FanSnap Rivalry Haiku Smackdown Contest

Win tickets!

There is nothing like a rivalry - with the blood and guts, sweat and tears, and heroic moments. Hey, and nothing says rivalry like a haiku. What, that makes no sense, you say? Wait there’s more. It’s a competition! That’s right, it’s the first FanSnap Rivalry Haiku Smackdown.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Just write a haiku poem in support of your team (or against your rival). Send it out on twitter together with the URL for your team.

For example:

(If your team is New York)
It’s that time of year
See the yankees win big time
See the red sox lose


(If your team is Boston)
Rivalry is fun
yanks will get spanked again
Oh what fun it is

How do haikus work again?

You may remember from school days, a haiku is just a simple poem of three lines.

Five syllables in the first line.
Seven syllables in the second.
Five syllables in the third.

That’s it.

How do we keep score?

Just create and send your haiku. Brag on your squad. Talk smack about the bad guys. Ask your friends to resend (or “retweet”) it – they will just send your original message (together with the URL), preceded by “RT @yourtwitterid"

How do I win?

All fans creating haikus in the form above will be eligible for our "FanSnap Rivalry Haiku Smackdown" drawing. Every tweet and retweet counts as an entry.

On September 23, the winner will be randomly selected, and will be able to select $1,000 worth of FREE sports, concert, or theatre tickets from any of the dozens of ticket companies FanSnap searches! The second and third place winners will be able to select $500, and $250, worth of free tickets, respectively. FanSnap will contact all winners.

For contest rules, and to see what people have written so far, check out the SmackTalker page for the series. The contest ends Wednesday afternoon at 5 p.m. eastern, so start writing!


Lisa Swan said...

I have written two aikus so far:

Count the pies - 14!
All those walkoff wins mean that Yanks never give up

Ortiz - a juicer
Manny took steroids too
1918 lives

NAM said...

Here's mine. I hope I counted well:

Two Thousand and Four
Biggest Comeback in Baseball
Belongs to Red Sox

2004 lives
Red Sox won a world series
The curse is reversed

Juicer Rodriguez
Clemens and Giambi too
Take your own stock first

Can you imagine Uncle Mike be limited to 17 syllables to make a complete thought? I'm looking forward to his contributions.

The Emperor said...
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The Emperor said...

Red Sox broke curse in House that Ruth built
House that George built -
Curse back on Sox

NAM said...

Want the curse reversed?
Win the ring this century.
Until, curse is on.

The Emperor said...

Yankees win ring this year
The curse will be reversed
Things back to normal

NAM said...

A Rod is the curse;
The curse of all Yankee Fans.
Mr. October?

(This is way too civilized for a Yankee/Red Sox rivalary!)

The Emperor said...

We've become Japanese! :-)

NAM said...

They stole our sport and we their poetry. I think they got the better deal!

The Emperor said...

They make the better cars, tho..

NAM said...

My Haiku to my corolla:

Please don't give up on my now!
10 years going strong!

The Emperor said...

My Camry is a 2000 LE model - 154,000 miles and still runs very well! I take excellent care of "her", and although her Check Engine light has been burning bright for 50,000 miles, I still do my daily 70-mile commute to work and back in all seasons.

I used to own a Ford Winstar, and once that van turned over 100,000 miles, it was in the shop every two weeks with mechanical problems, including a tranny rebuild.

Sicne I've been driving Japanese cars, my bank account has been happier for it.

Here's to haikus, sushi, and Hideki Matsui! (Dice-K and Okajima for you, Nam - :-)

NAM said...

Thanks Emp! Congrats on the playoff spot. I don't know what our magic number is in the wild card - must be around 8. I am hopeful we get to join you in October!

The Emperor said...

Actually, NAM - your magic number to clinch the WC is 6. Believe me, you guys will be in October real soon.

NAM said...

Even better. Thanks for the update!

The Emperor said...

You're welcome. :-)

Lisa Swan said...

Be sure to submit those Haikus to the above links at Fansnap.com in order to enter the contest!

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