Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kerosene Kyle Farnsworth is the real player of the game in Yankees' win

When is the YES Network going to stop naming the Player of the Game before the game is actually over? Especially given the fact that the Yankees now have 15 walkoff wins this season? Last night, Kansas City starter Anthony Lerew won the honors. But really, Kyle Farnsworth should have gotten the award.

I missed most of the game due to real-life obligations, (and I'm bummed I missed that pregame ceremony) but I was positively gleeful to see that Kerosene Kyle pitching the ninth for the Royals. So I called Squawker Jon and told him to put the game on. (Yes, I'm good that way!) Jon said no, because he knew the Yanks would win. Then, when I told him Juan Miranda was at bat, and he only had one RBI, he said, "He's about to have two."

Too bad Jon wouldn't put on the game. He not only missed the walkoff, but the YES Network walkoff montage, featuring Luis Castillo! Good times.

And it wasn't exactly the Yankees A-Team that beat Farnsworth. It was Francisco Cervelli, Eric Hinske, and Juan Miranda. Even when the Yankees' starters are out of  the game, they still can eke out a walkoff win. Very cool.

I had to laugh, thought, when Michael Kay made some remark about Kansas City playing this game like it was their World Series. Um, putting in Kyle Farnsworth against his old team is pretty much guaranteeing a Yankee comeback. I know closer Joakim Sora wasn't available, but couldn't they find somebody better to take the mound in the ninth instead of Farnsworth? Or maybe Farnsy begged Trey Hillman to pretty please let  him pitch against his old team or something.

I'll give Joe Girardi credit for something with Farnsworth, though. He really wasn't terrible with the Yankees last year, and then they were actually able to get something of value for him when they traded him to Detroit - Pudge Rodriguez.
Speaking of Michael Kay, I noticed that he's no longer complaining that the walkoff pies are "not the Yankee way" any more. Thank goodness for small favors.

In other news, kudos to A.J. Burnett for getting his groove back, even if he didn't get the win. On the other hand, do we need to worry a little about Phil Coke?

But all in all, it was great fun to see the Yankees beat Farnsworth again. What, did his bulldogs go wild on his hand again?

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Uncle Mike said...

Michael Kay needs to stop worrying about pies and start worrying about The Curse of Kay: He did it again, saying this was the Royals' World Series, and they blew it.

I'm still chuckling over Farnsworth blowing it in our favor for a change.

However, yes, Lisa, I am a bit worried about Phil Coke. Then again, at this point in 1996, I was worried about Graeme Lloyd, and that turned out okay.

Anonymous said...

What happened in the pregame ceremony?

MysticX said...

There really nothing about Coke's pitching last night to worry you, or to feel negatively about. He might need to take a few dozen extra reps on throws to the bases, but that goes for most pitchers in the league -- they simply are uncomfortable throwing the ball straight when they need to.

Pitching-wise, the Royals never got the ball out of the infield. I'll take my chances with a pitcher facing 4 batters and getting a bunt, two comebackers and a weak groundout to 1st.

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