Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mike Pelfrey to lead 'Mr. Angry Met Dash'

This Sunday's home game against the Cubs features the "Mr. Met Dash," in which kids 12 and under can run the bases after the game.

Though he is over 12, Carlos Beltran petitioned the Mets a few days ago for his own opportunity to run the bases.

This headline pretty much sums up the way the season has gone:

Beltran runs bases well, set for another MRI

Let's hope none of the young Met fans pull a hammy.

Also on Sunday, frustrated adult fans can join Met pitcher Mike Pelfrey in the Citi Field parking lot for the "Mr. Angry Met Dash."

Tuesday night in Colorado, Pelfrey ran laps around the Coors Field parking lot during the game in an attempt to blow off steam after his latest miserable performance. Pelfrey is scheduled to start on Sunday, so he figures to be filled with rage no later than the sixth inning.

Fans wishing to let off steam with Pelfrey can meet him outside the players' entrance 10 minutes after he is pulled from the game.


Metstradamus has suggested some new protective gear for David Wright - an Elizabethan Collar (click here and scroll down).

In the movie "Up," this device was referred to as the "Cone of Shame."

Now that's something everyone in the organization could wear.

And we could look forward to the offseason SNY documentary: "Met Memories - From David Cone to the Cone of Shame."


Ray said...

I think I'd rather prefer the Cone of Silence for the next four weeks.

Uncle Mike said...

Damn, Ray beat me to the joke.

But you know what John Rocker said, in one of his rare lucid moments: "I hate the Mets. I hate Met fans. How many times do you have to beat their team before the fans shut up?" We still don't have an answer.

Hmmmm... Met fans, 12-year-olds...
If the Mets let all their fans who are as mature as a 12-year-old run the bases, it could take hours!

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