Friday, August 7, 2009

Are the Mets suffering the curse of Kiti Field?

Remember the cat who jumped on the field during the Mets' debut at Citi Field? Did he jinx the team, and are the Mets suffering the curse of the Opening Night Cat?

Blogger Ed Leyro wondered about this issue. And I wrote about his theory in a piece for The Faster Times. Check it out here.

Sadly, Squawker Jon is a skeptic on the theory, though. As for myself, I'm a believer. Think about it - the Mets razed the feral cats' home at Shea Stadium, and left them out in the cold with the new ballpark. Could I see an angry cat vowing revenge? I say yes! Just look at what's been happening to Luis Castillo, or is that Catstillo?

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