Thursday, August 20, 2009

No, Derek Jeter is not underrated

I wrote a piece for The Faster Times in response to Joe Posnanski's SI article about how Derek Jeter is underrated. My article is entitled, "Sorry, But Derek Jeter Is Not Underrated."

Jeter is having a very good season, but that doesn't make him underrated. Read my reasons why here.

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Anonymous said...

It's not that I don't like Jeter, I just don't feel him. He always seems a bit cold, but he is having a great year. Love the Madmen note - my favorite show.

Anonymous said...

you are right, he's not underrated, he's way overrated. He's the 3 "O"s: overrated, overhyped, overpaid.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Yankee Family Dsyfunction where among certain members it's always a contest between Jeter and Arod. It's obvious on which side Lisa falls.

Is Jeter underrate? Of course not. Not one (sober)Yankee fan I know would say that with a straight face. But seriously, bringing up the tax issue and the McMansion in FL. is not valid criticism of the player. The tax issue which he paid was a dipute over how much he owed NYS as a part-time resident; this does not make him a criminal or a bad person. As for the house, it is no one's business what he builds on his own property as long as it's within zoning laws. Considering Florida's housing market is one of the hardest hit in the country right now, I imagine the people building it are thrilled with the job.


Anonymous said...

You hate Jeter, Lisa. You hate his guts and wish death upon him.


Anonymous said...

Bringing up off the field issues to criticize a player...yeah Jeter is the ONLY Yankee to get THAT treatment. NOT!


Melanie said...

Lisa's funny. For years now, I can always predict which side of the debate she will fall if the name Jeter is even whispered.

That's the sign of someone with a prejudice, I don't even think she can be objective at this point.

To be honest, I wouldn't even read anything Lisa writes regarding Alex or Derek...she's just too much like a dog with a bone instead of a person with a brain.

Even players that I dislike, I still leave room for my opinion to change. But with Lisa, Jeter seems personal.

Lisa Swan said...

Well, Ihave criticized A-Rod plenty of times, like the way he sleepwalked through too much of last season. I've also praised Jeter - and even suggested A-Rod could learn a lesson from him to how to handle his private life.

But overall, I do think Jeter has been praised too much, and A-Rod criticized too much. You're of course welcome to feel differently, and tell me why.

Anonymous said...

AROD is a choker and admitted steroid user. (Wow- how quickly we forget.) The last person I would want up in a "bottom of the ninth (9th) situation, with the game on the line is AROiD". AROiD is a "pile on player". If the score is 10-2 in favor or out of favor, then he is sure to get a "home-run". He is a liability in the playoffs... his numbers are terrible and disgraceful. He goes out "partying" until 2:30am and then gets to the ballpark tired. He basically shit all over his former wife and kid. He was nicknamed: "The Cooler" by former Seattle and Texas Teammates because he has a way of looking out for himself only and "chilling" the team down to reduced performance. He has some great numbers, but no World Series Rings. Jeter is a great player, but a very poor captain. He should have tried harder with AROid -true. Jeter shows no real leadership. The Kevin Brown disaster should have been addressed by Jeter as well as the Yankee American Idol garbage player Carl Pavano. But, the Yankees made a huge mistake in giving AROD a 10 year contract. How does Brian Cashman keep his job- one of life's mysteries. I would have traded for Brandon Inge... a real money player, gritty... a real old time Yankee type. AROiD makes 26 million a year? Why feel sorry for him Lisa... how much has he done for baseball and the communities? He is a POS and you should know that. Also, your sympathies for Big Pill Poppie are greating mislayed. This is another lying steroid user that the media types fall all over, trying to lick their asses. It is highly likely that Big Pill Poppie misses ManRam: He has nobody around to run creame on his nuts anymore.

So sad, feel bad. Big tears.

Anonymous said...

...and that opening season show of Madman last week was terrible.

Anonymous said...

But why is it a contest? Is there some magic number of praise/criticism each player should receive? Do we now need to criticize Mo as he receives way too much praise as the best closer ever, etc? It's like knocking Jeter somehow elevates Arod. I'd understand this thought process a little more if they weren't, you know, on the same team.

Subway Squawkers said...

"It's like knocking Jeter somehow elevates Arod."

Or knocking A-Rod somehow elevates Jeter. It goes both ways, you know.

I agree it shouldn't have to be a competition. Too bad the captain hasn't seen it that way.

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