Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twittering twit John Henry is missing in action

I wrote a piece for The Faster Times today wondering when Red Sox co-owner John Henry would Twitter again. Not-so-shockingly, he hasn't written on Twitter since the David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez scandal broke. Go here to read it.

In other news, I was missing in action myself last night. After getting some sun, I got home and fell asleep just before six p.m. last night. I was so exhausted, I ended up sleeping through the game and missing the whole thing! So not only did I miss seeing the Yankees beat up Roy Halladay, I also missed seeing if the fake umpires made a return to a Yankees-Blue Jays game!

What a nightmare it was to wake up in the middle of the night, and feel like I was on another planet, after sleeping so long! Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake for tonight's game.

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Anonymous said...

Lisa the fake umpires were behind the plate for last nights game. I don't remember seeing them behind home plate for the Halliday game. They were cute in the beginning but now its just passe'

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