Thursday, August 13, 2009

More on Kevin Youkilis, who acted like a moron this week

Nothing gets Squawker readers agitated like a Red Sox gone wild. So my post on Kevin Youkilis is got a ton of page views, and many comments on both sides of the issue. And 70% of our readers voted "ridiculous" in our poll about him. 

Youk claimed to be sorry afterwards about what he did, and how it looked to children. And he did not appeal the five-game suspension, which I will give him a modicum of credit for. (But Rick Porcello should not have gotten a five-game suspension for his part in the fight; what was he supposed to do when Youk charged the mound? Start a "Sweet Caroline" singalong or something?)

But Youkilis also said this:

“I think I could have gotten six, or more [games suspended]. I think the league understands and knows that I’m not the type of player that does that. 

C'mon now. I get that Youkilis is the kind of player that you love if he's on your team, and hate if he's the opposition. But he also has a really bad temper, and this isn't the first time it's gotten him into trouble. Remember how he got all peeved at Johan Santana? Remember how he even ticked off Manny Ramirez by all of his dramatics? 

Whether Youkilis is sorry afterwards isn't really the issue. Milton Bradley is also usually sorry when he loses control as well. (For what it's worth, I don't think Bradley is evil - he's just got a bad temper, and doesn't handle adversity well.)

And I don't think Youkilis is evil, either - he's done some great things for charity, including speaking from the heart at a suicide prevention event. But he's awfully annoying, too. And as time goes on, Yankee fans are finding him more and more insufferable.

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Anonymous said...

Well, Lisa, I think the one thing that everyone is overlooking with Youkilis that can explain his temper tantrums is that he's a raving homosexual.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but he has the look of one of those tough gay bikers that like taking it rough.

Maybe that's why his face is always flushed and he's always angry -- he's never satisfied.


Bklynfan said...

JJ - You are going to set the "Anonymous" blogger (the one from the Youkilis: Righteous or Ridiculous thread) crazy with this!!

Uncle Mike - great name -- Ridicyuokilis -- LOVE it!

Go Yanks!!

mhochman said...

well of COURSE 70% thought he was Ridiculous, this is a New York blog, ask the same question in Boston and the answer is going to go the other way... The Yanks have had plenty of players that annoy people, look at Paul O'Neal

I think Youk overreacted, but i also think the pitch was most definitely intentional.

Anonymous said...

Youklis at bat looks like a caveman trying to kill his lunch. A sore sight for eyes!

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