Monday, August 17, 2009

Mets don't have Wright stuff in dealing with injuries

I miss the days when Met injuries were vague and shrouded in mystery. It is still not clear exactly how Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran got hurt, much less when they will return. But August has brought Jon Niese writhing on the mound in pain and now David Wright motionless on the ground.

At least the Mets actually remembered this time that baseball rules allow a player to be placed on the disabled list as soon as he gets hurt. But as Metstradamus notes, Jerry Manuel's comments on Wright ended up disparaging Ryan Church yet again.

All teams have injuries. But most teams eventually see most of their players get back on the field. If there is anything the Mets must figure out from this miserable season, it is how to deal better with injuries.

The Mets have a football mentality of playing their players despite injuries. And we see how well that has worked out. It has taken a gruesome injury to the face of the franchise for the team finally to be cautious from the start with one of their stars.

When Wright is scheduled to come off of the DL, the Mets, as Metstradamus also points out, will be in Colorado. Presumably, the Mets will not allow Wright to fly to high-altitude Denver, as they did with Church after Church's second concussion.

Maybe two weeks of rest is all Wright needs. Let's hope so. And let's hope the Mets become an organization in which we can trust that they will make the best decisions when it comes to the health of their players.

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Anonymous said...

This injury is serious... more serious than you probably think. I am thinking "Tony Connigliaro" head-beaming type of injury. The sucky Mets might want to keep David Wright out for an extended time and be sure that he is well, i.e., very well. He is one of the few Mets that I could take on my team. The rest suck and in general, the Mets suck and always have. Wright will likely be very shy at the plate when he comes back and may have some double vision and high stress levels. The Mets are not going to win anything this year as they fight for 4th place. Let Wright sit it out, get hypnosis therapy to alleviate anxiety and stress and so that he will be able to play at a high level again. Gosh, he is a good player... why is he on the sucky, choke-artist Mets. God, that team stinks!

It too bad that it wasn't a Red Sox that got hit... someone like Big Pill Poppie seeing as they like to throw at everyone. But then again, we wouldn't want Lisa to feel sorry for the RoidSox and reverse hex him (or empower him) as it is.

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