Thursday, August 6, 2009

Predictions for Yankees-Red Sox series

Drum roll's time for me to make my Yankees-Red Sox series predictions. Let's hope there are no "Price Is Right" sad horn tones in my future.

* I think the Yankees will split the series. But if they only win one game, it needs to be tonight. If the Yankees go 0-9 against the Sox, the Internet will blow up even more than it did this morning, when Twitter and Facebook went down! Here's my breakdown of the games:

^ Game 1: John Smoltz vs. Joba Chamberlain: Smoltz is 100 years old, while Joba is young, healthy, and finally seems to have gotten it together. Advantage - Yankees.

^ Game 2: Josh Beckett vs. A.J. Burnett: I debated long and hard on who would win this one. The Sox have owned A.J. all year, but Burnett has been so dominant as of late. I'm going to take a risk here and roll the dice in favor...Burnett! Advantage: Yankees

^ Game 3: Clay Buchholz vs. CC Sabathia: I should say CC, but I won't. I have a hunch that Clay will pitch well against the Yankees, and that CC will have a bad outing. Advantage: Red Sox

^ Game 4: Jon Lester vs. Andy Pettitte: Pettitte has had some very bad outings at the Stadium this year. It would not surprise me to see him get hit hard. And Lester is a heck of a good young pitcher. So no, I don't see the Yanks winning this one, either. Advantage: Red Sox

A few other predictions:

* A-Rod will end the home run drought - he's gone 61 at-bats without a homer, the longest drought in his Yankee career.

* David Ortiz will dodge the steroid question a few days, then be lawyered up when he does finally talk, and say close to nothing. He'll give some excuse of an obscure supplement that just happened to cause a positive test results. Oh, and the booing for Ortiz, especially the first at-bat tonight, will make the Yankee fans' booing of Carl Pavano look like a lovefest!

* We'll see the biggest, loudest crowds we've seen at Yankee Stadium this year. I noticed on StubHub that there were only a few hundred tickets left today. Last time the Sox were in the Bronx, tickets were available below face value. This week - not so much.

* Nick Swisher will have some sort of iconic moment. So will Melky Cabrera. And Victor Martinez will be a thorn in the Yankees' side

* And finally, if the Yanks win the series, Squawker Jon will be in despair. That's not a prediction, that's a promise!

What are your prediction? Leave us a comment!


Paul from Boston said...

I'll call a split success, but have essentially braced myself for 3-1 NY.

Tonight: I don't think anybody but Smoltz himself thinks he can win tonight. BIG edge NY

Friday: Both AJ and Beckett will pitch similarly - both lights out or it'll be a slugfest like earlier at Fenway. Draw

Saturday: Sox will get to CC and Clay will NOT pitch well - it may take a few innings but he'll melt as soon as the Yanks have that first rally. Edge: NY

Sunday: Isn't Pettitte a better second half pitcher as of late? Here's our pitcher's duel. Draw

The reason I'm braced for 3-1 NY is I think there will be a fantastic pitching performance spoiled (just not sure if its Beckett or Lester).

If A-Rod doesn't homer at least once then there should be concern by his fans. I'm expecting a multi-HR weekend. C'mon, Smoltz? Buchholz? Maybe its time for a moratorium on pitchers with names ending in Z?

1918 chants will supplement the boos and other steroid related chants aimed at Ortiz.

There will be some plunks but no outright brawl.

75 minutes to game time - cheers everyone!

The Emperor said...

Lisa and Paul, I think I agree with you both.

I just pray that we take tonight's game, though.

The Emperor said...

Although Lester does scare me...

Uncle Mike said...

It was 3-1 Sox and I was miserable. As I write this, it is now 9-3 Yanks. In the words of New Englander Howard Dean, "HYAHHHH!" (Not that the ex-Governor of Vermont is saying it now!)

Met fans, THAT is how you beat John Smoltz!

Lisa got it right on Melky, and Melky got it right on Smoltz!

Bring on that (expletive deleted) Beckett!

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