Saturday, August 22, 2009

A win is a win for the Yankees, even if it's a sloppy one

A few thoughts while getting ready for today's game:

* For a game that the Yankees scored 20 runs in (incidentally, the game had the most total runs for the Yankees-Red Sox ever), I didn't feel confident that the Bombers would hang on until close to the end.

* Squawker Jon and Mets fans talk about the Good Ollie and the Bad Ollie Perez. Maybe we should start talking about the Good Bruney and the Bad Bruney. And boy, the Bad Bruney was painful to watch last night! Sergio Mitre didn't make pleasant viewing, either.

* How about Hideki Matsui - 7 runs, and 2 homers. He's having a pretty good swan song (no pun intended) for this season as a Yankee.

* I heard that even the Sox announcers noticed how much Joe West squeezed the Yankees at the plate!

* Happy 70th birthday, Carl Yastrzemski. I wish the Yankees and Red Sox would do some sort of Old Timers' Day with the two teams. I would pay to see it.

* I never want to hear about Yankee fans leaving early again, after seeing how empty Fenway Park was last night.

* Good news - Joe Buck is not broadcasting the game today. We're still stuck with Tim McCarver, though.

* Squawker Jon is going to see the 1969 Mets tribute today. The Wilpons must be asleep at the wheel, actually having a tribute to the team they own, and not the Brooklyn Dodgers!

* I wish Fox would bring back the players reading the lineups. That was always fun to watch.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo were on Joe West all night about inconsistency, however historically, Joe West doesn't help the sox win games. His zone was huge for the yankees batters, but only so-so for the sox batters. He's always given the outside, although that strikeout pitch on Damon was ridiculous. Watching him, I'd say he just hates the yankees, b/c he's not helping the sox out with his calls.

Anonymous said...

West should have run Girardi and Pena in the first when they started mouthing off.

Stay classy, Yankees.

"Nutball Gazette" said...

Definition of Classless is someone who responds as Anonymous, Knocks the Yankees, Kisses the Sox.s butt and cannot even leave his initials or where he is from,

Get some guts let us know who you are, or start a Hate Yankee Blog,
We all would have respect for you if you did.

Just look at This Blog and you see connections to blogs from all over,
I do the same thing, as 99.9% of other blogger's

Uncle Mike said...

I guess Mr. Anonymous -- as well as every game official and every Commissioner who ever lived, and some Commissioners have been lawyers -- forgot about a little thing called the First Amendment. If an umpire is incompetent, or a liar, you have the right to call him that, and to hell with anyone who throws you out, or fines you, or suspends you for exercising your freedom of speech. The truth is the ultimate defense, and the truth is, the line of "class" was crossed by West when he decided to favor one team over the other.

And after that disgusting display in the 1999 Playoffs, Red Sox fans no longer get to question the class of the Yankees and their fans. Freedom of speech is a right, but being taken seriously is a privilege, and Sox fans have abused that privilege time and time again.

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