Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trust no one: A Mets season from "The X-Files"

So the Mets' main return for Billy Wagner is a 26-year-old quadruple-A first baseman-outfielder named Chris Carter. Too bad the Mets didn't get the Chris Carter who created "The X-Files." Because the Mets' season has certainly turned into an X-Files episode. Something paranormal must be going on with this franchise.

One of the best "X-Files" episodes was "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," starring the late Peter Boyle as a man who could foretell how people would die. The Mets need their own Clyde Bruckman - someone who can foretell how their players' seasons will come to an end.

Failing that, I would settle for a GM, manager, pitching coach or trainer who could foretell that their irreplaceable star pitcher might be jeopardizing his health by pitching with a troublesome elbow.

How everyone in the Mets hierarchy stood by and watched Johan Santana lose velocity and pitch himself into surgery - now that's an unexplained phenomenon worthy of Mulder and Scully.

The truth is out there - time to clean house.


mhochman said...

Pity our ownership doesn't seem to have the balls to clean house...

Ryan O said...

This season is a stating the obvious. I dont know of any organization that would've handled this situation well.
But the bright side is that the Mets are pretty well set for next year to compete. The only glaring holes are a 2nd starter and a catcher.


sp4/5- maine, nieve, niese, perez


The baseball gods have not been kind to us for some reason this year, there has to some kind of good fortune on the horizon.

Fans are bitter, but the bad luck this year has been almost comical.

And yes i took ecxtasy before writing this.

Jonmouk71 said...

The problem with your analysis is this - there are few decent starters available as FAs to be a strong number 2 to Santana. You may have to part with one of the jewels to get one. I don't think Murphy hits enough to be a full time 1B - Russell Branyan of Seattle (FA and has 31 HRs this year) might be a possibility. There are a lot of good corner outfielder FAs - maybe Pagan (young and cheap can net you a catcher (no reall good one other than Victor Martinez and I can't see Boston not re-signing him) if you sign a corner FA.

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