Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mets become theater discount

If the Mets were a Broadway show, they would have closed out of town a long time ago. Unfortunately, the Mets can't just shut it down until next year, as their injured stars seem increasingly likely to do.

So just like a struggling Broadway show, the Mets are going the discount route.

At first, I wasn't sure why this discount was only available on Theatermania, but then I realized that the 2009 Mets fit right in with some of the other shows and events being promoted:

The Perfect Crime
Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition
Bodies: The Exhibition

The first show listed, "Next to Normal," could be staged readings of the Mets' unrealistically hopeful injury reports.

The Mets might also enjoy being listed alongside "Michael Jackson Tribute: The Harlem Gospel Choir," since both Jackson and the Mets were at the peak of their popularity in the mid-Eighties.

Also listed on the Theatermania site is "Strawberry Fields - Featuring Former Members of Beatlemania." Apparently, a tribute to the Beatles will no longer fill the seats - it must now feature people who were in an earlier tribute 30 years ago.

Or there could be a different sort of Strawberry Fields tribute show - featuring songs like this one.

Photo by moore fun.

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