Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mets having a bad year - in August

David Wright getting beaned, Johan Santana possibly facing surgery, Jeff Francoeur tearing ligaments in his thumb, Jon Niese tearing his hamstring and Alex Cora undergoing thumb surgery - that is a pretty rough year, let alone all that happening in August.

And to think the Mets were considered to be unlucky with injuries BEFORE all this.

But while bad luck has a lot to do with it, Jerry Manuel's Mets also have a habit of playing injured players and rarely giving regulars days off.

Perhaps it is ultimately good luck that the Mets are out of the race. If not, Santana would still be pitching. Let's hope he is getting his elbow checked out in time to avoid the worst-case scenarios.

As for Francoeur, it is time to praise Alex Cora again on two fronts. First, for playing through a torn thumb ligament. Second, for shutting it down when he had a second injury and the season was beyond saving.

It's great that Francoeur is such a gamer that he wants to keep playing, but if it turns out that he cannot hit well with the bad thumb, then he should make getting healthy for next year the top priority.

With Santana likely to be shut down, all of the most highly-rated Mets in fantasy baseball will be out of action. I wrote about that sorry state of affairs for Faster Times.

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