Friday, August 7, 2009

A look at the Yankees' record in July

I wrote a piece for Baseball Reflections on how the Yankees did in July. I thought it was a very successful month, other than the Angels and White Sox series. Go here to read my entire piece.

I will be writing for Baseball Reflections once a month. The site features info on all of the teams in MLB. You can check out the whole site here.

In addition, Squawker Jon and I are still continuing to write for Heater magazine each week. You can get a $5 discount of a subscription by clicking here.


Uncle Mike said...

I just got in. What happened in tonight's game?

Hee hee hee hee... chuckle chuckle smirk smirk...

As if I would have predicted that it would be A-Rod to end it. As former Yankee Jim Bouton would say, "Yeah, surrrre!"

Paul from Boston said...

Mike - you are not permitted to enjoy an A-Rod win given many of your posts about him! :)

Well I said there would be a wasted start (from my perspective) and I was right. I'm now 2 for 2!

Uncle Mike said...

Paul, you are not permitted to tell Yankee Fans what they can and cannot enjoy.

Notice I am not smiling... well, not at THAT anyway!

Did anybody see "Around the Horn" yesterday? In memory of John Hughes, he who filmed that great scene at Wrigley Field in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," host Tony Reali asked how many times it took the Yankees to beat the Red Sox this season: "Nine times? Niiiine tiiiimes!"

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