Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mets find bats in lost season

The Mets have scored 32 runs in the last five games. But they have lost three of those games, since they have given up 29 runs. What a season.

Squawker Lisa and I both have columns now on The Faster Times. Lisa has MLB and I have fantasy baseball. The Mets have not been very inspirational lately, but they did inspire me to write about how you can no longer assume your fantasy pitcher will do well at Citi Field.

Lisa, I see you have predicted that Clay Buchholz will have a good game this weekend. Here's my prediction - I cut him this week in one of my leagues.

And as for your prediction that I will end the weekend in despair - how could that be, now that the Mets have reacquired Anderson Hernandez!


Uncle Mike said...

That's Anderson, Jon. Not Keith. Not even Felix. Or even Jon Anderson, lead singer of a Yankee Fan's favorite band, YES.

Just a joke: I don't like Yes the band. I do, however, like Bud Abbott's favorite band, The Who.

In fact, I thought of a joke today:

Costello: Hey, Abbott! You wanna hear a joke?

Abbott: Sure, Lou, go to it.

Costello: Knock, knock.

Abbott: Who's there?

Costello: Now don't start THAT again!

The Emperor said...
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The Emperor said...
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