Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jonny Gomes must really hate the Yankees

Jerry Hairston Jr. seems to have been a good pickup so far for the Yankees, but one of his former Cincinnati teammates wondered why he's on the Bombers in the first place.

Remember Jonny Gomes? He's on the Reds now, but he is best known by Yankee fans for his time with the Tampa Bay Rays - specifically, starting his brawl with Shelley Duncan in spring training last year.

Well, Gomes must still hold a grudge about the Bombers, because when Hairston got traded to the Yankees, Gomes asked him this:
"How come you didn’t invoke your no-trade contract"?
Yeah, I guess it was a tough choice for Hairston - stay with the last-place Reds, or go to the Yankees. Good grief.

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Anonymous said...

Gomes was popular in Tampa Bay, but his streaky hitting (occ. power, tons of strikeouts) and so-so defense left him the odd man out in a very crowded outfield. As the cliche goes, he plays baseball like a football player, and there is a strong anti-Yankees sentiment around here stoked by local radio.

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