Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is Bronson Arroyo auditioning to be a Yankee?

I wrote a piece for The Faster Times about Bronson Arroyo's very candid USA Today interview, where he copped to using supplements, andro, and amphetamines. His father even weighed in and said in the article that his son started using supplements at the age of five! Unreal.

I've never been much of a Bronson (or, as A-Rod calls him, Brandon) Arroyo fan, but I applaud his  candor. He didn't just talk about PED use - he also talked about baseball's spending. Yankee fans will be particularly interested in this tidbit:

“People don’t own teams to lose money,” he said. He suggested that “if you ask any owner whether they would rather make $20 million and come in last place or lose $20 million and win a World Series, there’s only one guy who honestly would take that championship: George Steinbrenner (of the Yankees). Nobody else.”

Hmmm. Arroyo cleared waivers earlier this month. Would I be surprised to see the Yankees try to trade for him as a No. 5 starter, especially given that Chien-Ming Wang could be out for a year? No, I would not.

Arroyo has a ridiculous contract. And while I respect his truth-telling, I don't want him as a Yankee. But I wouldn't be surprised if somebody in the Steinbrenner family looks at that quote and thinks that Arroyo would be a great fit for the Yankees.  

Could he be a better fit as a No. 5 starter than Chad Gaudin or Sergio Mitre? Of course. But he's also owed $11 million next year. Yikes!

* * *

In other news, how about that Yankee walkoff victory yesterday? No matter what the odds, this team just keeps on coming back!

Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez both got hit hard - literally - in yesterday's game. Should they have pulled a Youk?

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Anonymous said...

Well, Lisa, I think the one thing that everyone is overlooking with Youkilis that can explain his temper tantrums is that he's a raving homosexual.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but he has the look of one of those tough gay bikers that like taking it rough.

Maybe that's why his face is always flushed and he's always angry -- he's never satisfied.


Anonymous said...

If there is nothing wrong with it, why mention it. It's like saying some of my best friends are jewish. By writing that statement it demonstrates your lack of intelligence and ability to accept others who are different from yourself. This post is more offensive than the ones who use foul language. I'm sure Lisa, the queen of fairness and good taste, will remove it immediately.

Anonymous said...

No insults intended. Just calling it as it is. You're just bitter and angry because it's true and someone realized it.

It's okay, you'll live.


Uncle Mike said...

J.J., one allegation at a time. While Ridicyoukilis does look a bit effeminate with his "shake my little tush on the catwalk" stance, the allegation for now is that he's a steroid user, and his recent application of rage, while hardly conclusive, is compelling evidence.

Then again, Brady Anderson of the 1996-97 Orioles faced each of those accusations, and only denied being gay.

As for Bronson Arroyo: I don't want that punk anywhere near the Yankees. In fact, let Johnny Damon be the last ex-Red Sock ever to play for the Yankees until that besmirched franchise cleans up its act, steroid-wise and plunking-wise.

We don't need Captain Cornrows, and in fact I think Allen Iverson should sue Arroyo for defamation of character. (And when A.I. sues you for defamation of character, that's not good, except maybe for his attorney's practice. Not a trial, not a trial, not a trial, we talkin' 'bout practice!)

Even worse than the cornrows, which never look good on a white guy, last I saw, Arroyo had a mullet that's too damn reminiscent of Jeff Weaver. In the words of the immortal Charlie Brown, "Auuuuuuuugh!"

As for last night: As someone old enough to remember the first days of that house of Yankee sorrows known as the Kingdome (but not, as some here would have it, old enough to remember the 1969 Pilots, let alone the DiMaggio brothers leading the San Francisco Seals against the Seattle Rainiers), it's always good to see the Yanks win in the Queen City of the Northwest. (The nickname long precedes any known gay community there.) Beating the Mariners, who do appear to be on the rise again, 11-1 in Seattle is very nice.

This is why the Internet was really invented: So we can get our Pacific Coast scores first thing in the morning, without having to read the paper and see, "YANKEES at Seattle, n." meaning the game ended too late for even the paper's late edition.

Anonymous said...

Mike, as always your posts are brilliant and utterly indefensible by others!

Keep it up, my friend.


Anonymous said...

If there is nothing wrong with it, which there isn't, why do you say it as an insult? You hate the guy, call him a raving homosexual an insult and then defend yourself by saying "not that there's anything wrong with." We all saw Seinfeld and you are using the line improperly. You are a moron. Even the Yankees deserve better fans than you.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right. 100% completely correct: I am a moron.

I realized that by calling Kevin Youkilis a raving homosexual is incorrect.

He is not a raving homosexual. He is a RAGING homosexual.

Please accept my apology for getting it wrong the first time.

And have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

And Anonymous, are some of your best friends Jewish?

I'm Jewish. Would you like to be my friend?


The Emperor said...

You guys are nuts.

The Emperor said...

Let me ask just one question about Aroyo: Who would you guys rather have going into the stretch and into October, him or Mitre?

I understand your point, Uncle Mike, and for the most part I agree with it, but I also feel that we need to acquire someone a lot better than Sergio Mitre. I'm not saying Arroyo is the answer, but if there was no other choice he's a better pick that Mitre.

The Emperor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Emperor said...


Kevin Youkilis is not a homosexual. Where did you come up with that idea?

From Wikipeida:

In November 2008, Youkilis married Enza Sambataro in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The ceremony was attended by Red Sox teammates Mike Lowell, David Ortiz, and Dustin Pedroia. Sambataro, a Newton, Massachusetts native, is the CEO of Youkilis's charity Hits for Kids.

I checked other sites and this checks out to be correct.

I'm not crazy about the guy, but c'mon.

Anonymous said...

Yes and some of my favorite ball players are too, like Kevin Youklis.

Anonymous said...

Married, huh? That's has to be a deception to fool the public. Someone in his position can't afford to be outed, I guess.


Uncle Mike said...

Can we get back to baseball, please? After all, the Yankees won in Seattle again last night.

What was the story on the Met uniforms last night? Were they trying to channel John McGraw, Christy Mathewson, and the 1905 New York Giants -- against the current San Francisco Giants, no less? If so, it worked: Four hits, no runs, a performance Mac and Matty would have been glad to see.

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