Saturday, August 8, 2009

How I called A-Rod's walkoff homer for last night's game

I just knew that last night's Yankees-Red Sox game would come down to Alex Rodriguez, so I predicted in the ninth inning on Twitter and Facebook that A-Rod would hit a walkoff to win it. True, it took six more innings to happen, but still. I totally called it!

What a tremendous game last night. Unlike Squawker Jon's Mets, who seem to be aiming for the worst game of the season each day, the Yankees have had a whole slew of great games this year.

I was at the July 1, 2004 game, and last night had a similar "instant classic" feeling to it. Watching A.J. Burnett and Josh Beckett go head to head was tremendous. But tense. Nearly fifteen scoreless innings was nerve-wracking for both sets of fans.

Did you know that A-Rod's walkoff homer was his sixth walkoff hit as a Yankee? He has twice as many walkoff hits in 5 1/2 years as a Yankee than Jeter does in his entire career. Yet some fans still act as if this is first big hit as a Yank ever. I don't get it. Heck, he would have had the game-winning hit in the final game in the Yanks' Fenway series in June if the bullpen hadn't blown it.

I don't want to forget talking about the pitching. Burnett, Phil Hughes, Mariano Rivera, Alfredo Aceves, Brian Bruney, and Phil Coke were terrific. The biggest surprise, of course was Bruney. Finally he has put it together again!

And to top it all off, Francisco Rodriguez blew a save and lost the game for the Mets, and the Yankees have the best record in baseball. Good times!

Let me continue with the predictions, since I'm still basking in the afterglow with my correct A-Rod one tonight. I predict that A-Rod will get plunked today as payback for Dustin Pedroia getting hit on Thursday. And so the Sox can get all fired up, ala 2004. Will a brawl ensue? I wouldn't be suprised.

What do you think? Leave us a comment!


Paul from Boston said...

He won't - Buchholz will try and miss and send it right down the Pike for him to knock it out. :)

I've been unusually successful thus far so I'm going to hope yours is correct about today's game and not mine!

Hope the weather's as nice there as it is here - enjoy the day everyone!

Bklynfan said...

Hey Lisa - I called the A-Rod walk off with my son. He didn't believe me!! Well, he finally conceded that he should listen to me more often!! Great game.

Paul from Boston - Beautiful day here today. Hopefully we won't go into extra innings like last night.


Wait Till they Come said...

You went to yesterday's game AND the July 1, 2004 game?

How lucky can you possibly get? Can you go to more games please?

Uncle Mike said...

Isn't it fun to watch both the Red Sox and the Mets disintegrate before our eyes?

CC, there's only one CC, there's only one CC, there's only one CC. (To the tune of "Blue Moon.")

Times like this, it's good to go onto the Boston Globe's website and read Dan (Oh Woe Is The Nation) Shaughnessy.

It's like 2004 and 2007 never happened. And you know what? They never did (*).

We can talk all we want about when A-Rod has become, or will become, "A Real Yankee," I think it's more pertinent to say that, this series, The House That Steinbrenner Built became "Yankee Stadium." Yeahhhh...

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