Monday, October 4, 2010

C.C. the Squawker Cat: 1996-2010

Sad news today: I had to put my cat C.C. to sleep this morning at my vet's office. C.C. was almost 15 years old, and had been battling cancer for the past year. She was able to survive that, but then she developed kidney failure, and it became too much for her in recent weeks. So I had to make the decision to end her suffering today. Someday we'll up meet again at Rainbow Bridge, along with my cat Rusty, who passed away last year.

A few weeks ago, my minister blessed C.C. at our church's Blessing of the Animals event. And I swear I saw C.C. nod and understand what my minister was saying about her!

Squawker readers may remember hearing about this remarkable cat. She was the original C.C. and was irate when CC Sabathia came to the Yankees with a similar name, but left the periods out of his name. She also liked to sit in my Yankee Stadium chair, although I was never totally sure what team she rooted for!

C.C. was also my very first cat, literally showing up at my doorstep in 1997, looking for a home. I wasn't looking to take a cat in, but she somehow talked her way in, and she was a big part of this Squawker household ever since.

In 2004, she broke her hip when the Yankees were in the ALDS against the Minnesota Twins. It didn't look good for her at first, but she survived that with flying colors, and as time passed, you couldn't even tell which hip she broke.

Unfortunately, her recent health problems were too much to deal with. That, combined with advanced age, meant that it wasn't fair to keep her around, when she was suffering so.

Anyhow, I keep on looking around my home today, half-expecting to see her snoozing on the Yankee chair, or giving grief to my other cat, Rocky. But she's not here any more, and I will really miss her.

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Jillian. Nerd Queen. Awesome Personified. said...

So sorry for your loss, Lisa. Condolences.

OldFatGuy said...

Your post brought back vivid memories of the sad day I had to have my little pal OJ put to sleep. One of the toughest things I've ever had to do. You have my deepest sympathies.

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