Monday, October 11, 2010

What do the Texas Rangers, Dan Shaughnessy, and Brooks Conrad have in common?

I've written three articles for The Faster Times over the previous 18 hours. Please check them out:

* The Texas Rangers haven't had a great history, but they've never come close to choking a playoff series -- until now. My thoughts on what's happened so far in their series are in "Will the Texas Rangers Be the Latest Dallas Team to Choke?"

* Is Brooks Conrad to blame for Sunday's Atlanta Braves' loss, a game some are comparing in pain to the Leyritz game? Is Bobby Cox? I asked baseball writer -- and Braves fan -- Dan Schlossberg for his thoughts. The piece is called "Brooks Conrad, Bobby Cox, and the Braves’ Heartbreaking Loss."

* I wrote about how Dan Shaughnessy has somehow twisted the Boston Red Sox curse to cover...the Texas Rangers? Check out "Dan Shaughnessy Finds New Target for the Curse of the Bambino: The Texas Rangers."


Matt Warden said...

Dan Shaugnessy is a terrible writer and a complete Sox homer.

The Omnipotent Q said...

Sox homer? Are you kidding? Have you read some of the crap he likes to stir up about the Red Sox?

The most despised person who walks God's earth by Red Sox Nation is CHB. And it ain't cause he's a "Sox homer."

Matt Warden said...

Actually, I'm not kidding Q. Shaugnessy works for the Boston Globe. He's a beat writer for the team.

Lisa Swan said...

Yes, Shaughnessy is a columnist for the Boston Globe, but he is known for stirring up stuff with the Sox, trashing certain players. He can be very nasty when he wants to be, like about Nomar.

Boston fans hate Dan for The Curse of the Bambino, and for calling the 2004 Red Sox "frauds" after 2004 Game 3.

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