Monday, October 25, 2010

Mike Francesa doesn't have Mad Dog, but he does bring dopey hot stove talk ideas

I put on the Mike Francesa Show this afternoon on WFAN, hoping against hope that he would invite his old partner Chris (Mad Dog) Russo on the air to discuss the San Francisco Giants making it to the World Series. I didn't hear him do that, but I did hear two of the most ridiculous hot stove ideas I've heard this year.

First was his wondering if the Yanks should get rid of Nick Swisher, because he wasn't good two years in a row in the postseason. Never mind that he had the best season of his career in 2010: a .288/.355/.511 line with 29 homers and 89 RBI and making the All-Star Team. Never mind that he was paid just $6.5 million for 2010. Never mind that he had an injured right knee towards the end of the year. Never mind that he fits in terrifically in New York, something that's hard for many to do. According to Francesa, the Yanks ought to cut ties with Swisher and go after somebody like Jayson Werth. Good grief.

The second was Francesa's obsession with the Yankees getting younger on the left side of the infield, as if that's what cost them the pennant. So his idea is that the Yanks get a new, young shortstop in 2011, should move Derek Jeter to third base, and A-Rod to DH. Hey, maybe the Yankees also should trade for that kid Elvis Andrus while they're at it! Francesa also thinks the Yanks should pay Jeter at least $20 million a year in the new contract.

There are many flaws with Francesa's idea:

1) Jeter's defense at shortstop is not the biggest issue with him right now -- the fact he's batting at the top of the lineup with the second lowest OBP on the team, and showed a huge decline at bat this season, is more of a concern,

2) Jeter's numbers, while excellent for a shortstop even in an off year, aren't what you want from your third baseman. That spot is a power position, not for somebody who hit 10 homers last year,

3) Where does Jorge Posada go, if he can't DH? If there's any Yankee that needs to be a DH in 2011, it's him, given that he's still signed for next year and can't really catch anymore,

4) Why should A-Rod have to switch positions again for Jeter? And why would he? It's not like anybody ever gave him credit for switching over to third at the first place!

5) How do we know Jeter will be any good at third base? Or at left field, Francesa's other suggestion?

6) How do we know Jeter would ever move from shortstop? Has he shown any inclination to do? The answer is no so far.

This is why I miss the Mad Dog. Chris Russo would actually challenge Francesa on this over-the-top idea!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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