Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Squawker Jon sez Twins will win the World Series

Squawker Jon inspired my latest Faster Times piece, about whether a new ballpark can get a team a World Championship. Please read the article here.

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Uncle Mike said...

Seven teams have won Pennants in their first year in a new ballpark. Only 7. Two of them, the 1911 Giants (Polo Grounds) and 1970 Reds (Riverfront Stadium), lost the World Series.

About the teams that won? The 1909 Pirates had Honus Wagner. The 1912 Red Sox had Tris Speaker. The 1923 Yankees had Babe Ruth. The 2006 Cardinals had Albert Pujols. And the 2009 Yankees had Alex Rodriguez.

The 2010 Twins have... Joe Mauer?

I'm not exactly quaking in my boots. Then again, I don't wear boots, and the 5 teams that won under those conditions all had much better pitching than their opponents. Yankees in 4.

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