Monday, October 11, 2010

Jet fans should chant "Pants on the Ground" to Brett Favre

Longtime Squawker readers know that Brett Favre is my least favorite NFL player. So I've been gleeful to hear about him being accused of "sexting," as the kids call it. And I think I have the perfect chant for Jets Nation to do at the New Meadowlands Stadium Monday night in honor of Favre -- "Pants on the Ground!"

Remember last winter, when Favre and the Vikings won a playoff game, and he led the team in a rousing rendition of the "Pants on the Ground" song from "American Idol"? (See video below.) Well, given those nude photos Favre allegedly sent Jets employee Jenn Sterger, that phrase has a whole new meaning! "Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground!"

Look, I pretty much expect most athletes to cheat on their spouses. But to reportedly hit on an employee of the Jets' organization -- and to get somebody in the Jets to get contact info for her to do so -- is a bit much.

Not to mention those X-rated photos. Favre is one of the most famous athletes in America; how reckless is it to allegedly send at least three different shots of his genitals to somebody who wasn't interested? What a creep.

Anyhow, I hope Jets fans sing "Pants on the Ground" back at Favre. And maybe a J-E-R-K JERK JERK JERK chant, too! What fun!

What do you think? Tell us about it!

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Uncle Mike said...

Remember the debate about whether Favre or other athletes are "untouchable"? I think that just got a new meaning, too!

Give Joe Namath credit: As drunk as he was that day, he only wanted to kiss Suzy Kolber.

Come to think of it, aside from Namath, can you think of any quarterback who ever got more out of just ONE Super Bowl victory than Favre?

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