Thursday, October 28, 2010

How about Leo Mazzone as the Yankees -- or even the Mets -- pitching coach?

As soon as I heard the other day about Dave Eiland getting the old heave-ho as Yankees pitching coach, I wondered if Leo Mazzone would want to throw his baseball cap into the ring for the job. And guess what -- he does! He wants to bring his rocking motions -- and coaching skills -- to the Big Apple.

I just got this info from Sirius XM about Mazzone's appearance today on their network. Mazzone spoke with  Gary Williams and Steve Phillips of the Mad Dog Radio channel about coming to New York:
Gary Williams: “There are a lot of new staffs and, obviously, there’s an opening with the Yankees. Steve was effusive in praising you. Have you been contacted? I know you want back in. Any job in particular that is of interest to you?”

Leo Mazzone: “Yeah, there certainly is. And it has New York in front of it, too. I mean, it can be in the American League or the National League.”
Very interesting!

I also noticed that after Red Sox pitching coach John Farrell left Boston to become the Toronto Blue Jays manager, that they interviewed former Oakland Athletics pitching coach Curt Young, after Young left Oakland earlier this week. You know, back in the days of The Boss, George Steinbrenner might have swooped in to make Young a better offer, so he didn't go to Boston!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


nutballgazette said...

Leo has been doing pre game and Post Game for Braves radio, He might be perfect for the Yankees

Jeremy said...

Leo does morning sports radio in Atlanta and he has missed the last 4 days. He was supposed to be back Wednesday. He was supposed to call in today and "make an announcement," but I guess that's happening tomorrow. I would guess he is getting a job somewhere. Does he have a history with Girardi?

FHPromos said...

Bring on the rocker...Not John Rocker but the pitching genius that likes to rock while on the bench LOL

Uncle Mike said...

The only history Mazzone has with Girardi is the triple Girardi his off Mazzone's prize pupil Greg Maddux in Game 6 of the 1996 World Series.

It was hard enough looking at Mazzone's Rain Man-esque bobbing a few times a year when the Braves played the Mets or in postseason play. I don't want to see him 162 (or more) times a year!

Besides, how many postseason series did the Braves lose, as opposed to winning? And if he couldn't figure out how to handle Yankee pitchers as an opponent in 1996 and 1999, how's he going to figure out how to handle them as their own coach in 2011? No, forget Mazzone. Bring back Ron Guidry.

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