Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cliff Lee, David Robertson, Joe Girardi haunt Yankee fans' nightmares

For me, Monday's ALCS loss was the most frustrating playoff defeat since the Bug Game. And only some of my frustration had to do with the Yankees being completely flummoxed by Cliff Lee (so much for my thoughts that he could be beatable last night, eh?) Top it off with Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young, my fave NFL player, getting hurt on Monday Night Football, and it was a completely miserable evening for this Squawker.

I could have lived with just a little (okay, maybe a lot) of grumpiness about the Yankees getting shut down by Cliff Lee, with Andy Pettitte pitching a very good game. But what bugged me even more about the game was the way Joe Girardi left David Robertson in the game to get shelled. The young reliever clearly didn't have it last night. Virtually everybody in the park (who started fleeing for the exits as soon as Roberston started giving up hits) knew that, except for Girardi, who left him in like a lamb to the slaughter to give up five runs, five hits, and a walk. The Yanks ended up with their worst postseason shutout loss ever, and Robertson ended up having a very good young career so far marred with this disaster.

It reminded me of when Joe Torre left Chase Wright in to give up four homers in a row to the Red Sox.
You just don't do that to young pitchers. It isn't right. You tell me there was no other pitcher Girardi could have brought in to rescue the ballgame (and the reliever's psyche) before Robertson imploded?

For that matter. why didn't Mariano Rivera start the ninth? If the Yankees were still down only 2-0 in the bottom of the ninth, it literally would have been a different ballgame. So why didn't Girardi go to Mariano Rivera? He told reporters:
Well, Mo is a guy that sometimes we use multiple innings in a situation that if we are ahead. Our bullpen had been really, really good up until that point. Boone had done his job. Robby had done his job. We were down 2‑0 and if you bring in Mo, you may not have him available for multiple innings tomorrow, if you want to use him. So we went with guys that were throwing well in a situation where we were down.
Even if  he wanted to save Mo for a better situation, it was completely inexcusable of Girardi, to leave Robertson in, and take the fans out of the game like that. I'm peeved, and even Squawker Jon felt bad for Robertson!

What do you think? Tell us about it!


Alvaro Fernandez Ravelo said...

Actually, just a couple of hard hit balls off D-Rob, the rest were dropped in or ground ball hits.

But, an absolutely YES, why use Kerry Wood and not Mo? I thought he was going with Joba in the 8th. So, no, it doesn't make sense

Steven said...

I was surprised to see Wood but not Rivera as well. Lee was definitely tiring and there is at least a chance they could have gotten to him and basically won the series right there. So I think that was a mistake, but, of course Girardi's thinking he wants Mo ready for 2 tonight when everything is going to be on the line rather than pursue the knockout against Lee in the bottom of the 9th. So not an obvious decision. Definitely should have pulled DR though.

Matt Warden said...
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Matt Warden said...

Here's an interesting point from Inside The Book discussing why bring in Mo would be in the incorrect move. Statistically speaking, it doesn't make sense.


Lisa Swan said...


That makes sense in theory. But if the Yanks had held onto the 2-0 score, Lee would have come out to finish the game (I read today that Washington said that he would do so), putting his pitch totals at his highest all year. Would the heart of the Yankees lineup have been able to do something against him? I think it's possible.

Lisa Swan said...

Besides, regarding the percentages, I think the Yanks had a three percent chance of winning Friday's
s game.

Matt Warden said...

Makes more sense in practice. The numbers don't lie.

Also, the percent was much lower than that. I just confirmed the WE% via Fangraphs and by the 9th inning, it was actualy 0.4%.

The move would have been unnecessary, and ultimately incorrect.

Michael said...

Hopefully Cliff Lee decides to do the League a favor and stick with Texas. Joining a bunch of over paid stiffs in NY would only ruin his career/image.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I agree with you completely. Cliff Lee should stay in Texas after the season. Going to NY only ruins a player's career and reputation (think Randy Johnson and the cameraman incident). In fact, more players should stay out of NY, and not be labeled mercenaries.

JAKE said...

Really? Coming to NY would ruin Lee's image and career? Unless he's a womanizer, addict, in-the-clost-homosexual, serial rapist or murderer and the media would find it out because they're, you know, the media, I can't see how coming to NY would ruin him. Someone should've mentioned that to Sabathia, too. 40 wins, an ALCS MVP and a World Series ring in 2 seasons really threw his career down the toilet.

Uncle Mike said...

I suppose, Jake, that the pitcher who ruined his reputation by coming to New York might have been Johan Santana. Or Francisco Rodriguez. Compared to them, even A.J. Burnett still comes out smelling like a rose. Well, maybe not like Pete Rose, but you get the idea.

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