Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mets don't need advice from Scott Boras

Good times for Met fans - the Yankees and Phillies are off and running, Roy Halladay pitches the second postseason no-hitter ever, K-Rod is back in court and now Scott Boras has weighed in on what the Mets need in a new GM:

"The GM has to establish his control," Boras said. "In 30 years of doing this, the best and most successful general managers have the biggest rubber bands and know when to flex them and when to retract and rebuild. If a GM doesn't have the ability to sign an impact player, it can impact a club for years."

Boras neglected to mention that when a GM has the ability to sign a Boras client like Oliver Perez, that will also impact a club for years.

And if Boras has ever actually praised a GM for knowing "when to retract and rebuild" instant of signing one of his high-priced clients, I have yet to see it.

I'm not even sure what Boras means when he talks about "flexing" and "rebuilding" with "the biggest rubber bands." Is he suggesting that the Mets create the world's biggest rubber band ball?

Boras ignores all those empty seats at Citi Field to praise "success" in "operating revenue issues":

"The New York Mets are probably in the top five in baseball as a model of what can be done," Boras said. "The business and infrastructure is run very well by the Wilpons. The issue is transferring the success they enjoy in business and operating revenue issues and getting it to the field.

Uh, I think even the Mets would concede that the last year has not exactly been top five business model material.

If Boras really wanted to help the Mets find success, he would encourage Perez to do what another Boras client, Alex Rodriguez, did three years ago and opt out of his contract.

Photo from Ripley's Believe It or Not!


The Omnipotent Q said...

If Dr. Evil (Boras) told me the sun were coming up tomorrow morning, I'd wake up a hour earlier to make sure it was true. I wouldn't trust that SOB as far as I could throw him.

Uncle Mike said...

And with our bad knees, we shouldn't be throwing anybody.

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