Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mayor Bloomberg may be jinxing the Yankees with parade talk

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, a native Bostonian, pretends to be a Yankee fan, but he went way too far Friday in already talking about planning this year's ticker tape parade. Geez, doesn't he have smokers to harass, or unhealthy food items to fulminate against, or something else to do with his time besides being a baseball jinx?

Here's what Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show, according to a report from my friend Ian Begley at
"I'm sort of trying to figure out where the parade should start," the mayor said Friday on his weekly radio show on WOR-AM. "We have to plan."

Aside from the fact that no baseball fan with any sense would want to jinx his team like that, especially when the Yankees are only two games into the playoffs, Mayor Mike seems to be unaware that they hold ticker tapes at the same flipping location every single time -- from Battery Place, up Broadway, to City Hall. You know, it's that part of Broadway known as the Canyon of Heroes? Where the street has all the plaques talking about previous ticker tape parades? Planning the location isn't exactly brain surgery, dude.

It's not even like it's an election year for him, and Bloomberg has to pretend to be interested in the Yankees, the way he did last season, getting in as many celebration photos at City Hall as Sergio Mitre did in the postseason celebrations!

And no, there is no need to start planning the parade stuff now, unless you just want to be a jinx and make sure there is no need for a parade.

Last year's parade floats were made in Clifton, NJ, the town I went to grade school and high school in. (Some friends of mine got to see the floats in person -- very cool!)

Do you know when the company making the floats started working on them? After Game 5 of the World Series, when the Yankees were just one game away from winning it all. They certainly didn't start making the floats after Game 2 of the ALDS!

Bloomberg ought to worry about real issues, like unemployment and the MTA raising the subway fares, instead of spending time tempting fat by talking about Yankees parades way ahead of time. Thanks for nothing, Mayor Jinx!

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Uncle Mike said...

Since when does Mayor Moneybags consider those things to be "real issues"? He is the worst Mayor New York has had that I can remember. He's making John Lindsay look engaged, Abe Beame look competent, David Dinkins look tough and Rudy Giuliani look compassionate.

Speaking of history, I just did "What if Mickey Mantle had taken care of himself?" for my Otherwise Sports feature.

kathy40 said...

I just want to know what the Mayor was or is thinking about planning a parade in New York for his Yanks. I think it might be alittle bit early to be planning a parade. Is he thinking they already won. Well maybe he should reconsider because his Yanks are not as good as he thinks. My Philadephia Phillies have a change to have the parade back in Philadephia. You see Mayor we have one thing that you or your Yanks don't have we love for our fans and players. We play for the love of the game not for the money.

Uncle Mike said...

Riiiight, Kathy. The Phillies are all making minimum wage. It's all about the love of the game. That's why you hung on to Cliff Lee, right? Right?

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