Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mike Francesa thinks Derek Jeter could be named player-manager of the Yankees one day

There was a whole to-do in the blogosphere Friday after WFAN's Mike Francesa suggested on the air that whenever Girardi goes, he wouldn't be shocked if Derek Jeter became a player-manager. What?

I stand by my contention that making superstars managers is generally a bad idea. And making Yankee icons Yankee managers is an even worse idea. I was against it with Mattingly, and I would be against it with Jeter or any of the other Yankee stars. Especially with an icon like Jeter. You think it will be tough one day to move him out of the shortsop in a few years? Imagine the grief the Yankees would get for firing the captain!

At any rate, has Jeter even shown any desire or inkling to want to be a manager?  He's a Hall of Fame player, but by his own admission, he never watches any baseball games he's not in. How would that work for a manager? I don't see it.

What do you think? Tell us about it!


MONDOAS said...

Whether Jeter does or does not become player/manager for the Yankees, I dare someone say that this will never happen to Francesa! He is NEVER WRONG and for someone to suggest he is wrong would be like committing a crime. He acts like he is above everyone else and I can't stand that about him. I do hope Jeter does NOT think about doing that because it would stink to see him be put down in the papers like they do A-Rod. I dislike how they treat A-Rod and to see Jeter receive that would be horrible.

MONDOAS said...

Btw, as I was thinking about something else this thought popped into my head, didn't Jeter say at some point that he wanted to be a owner???

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