Sunday, October 10, 2010

Whose hairstyle is worse -- Tom Brady's or Jan Brady's?

CBS Sports' Charlie Casserly claims that there's a hair-raising reason Randy Moss got traded from the New England Patriots -- Moss reportedly said Tom Brady's goofy new hairdo made the quarterback look like a girl. Please, oh, please, let this story be true!

Casserly reported on NFL Today:

"One of Brady's problems with Moss was his behavior as a Patriot," said Casserly. "One of the things overheard was Brady telling Moss, 'You've got to cut your beard.' And Moss counters, 'You've got to get your hair cut. You look like a girl.'" 

You can watch this report here from NFL Today (the best part is the uproarious laughter in the studio after Casserly reports this.)

I try not to comment on players' physical appearance, but Tom's Justin Bieber hairdo needs a hair-intervention. It's the most ridiculous hairstyle on a Brady since Jan Brady wore that black wig on "The Brady Bunch" back in the day. Only thing is, her siblings told her she looked dopey with the "New Jan Brady" wig.

On the other hand, Tom's wife Gisele Bundchen is the one who pushed this ridiculous style on her hubby. Why? Is she trying to keep every other woman in the world from finding her husband attractive?

And if this story about the Moss-Brady confrontation is true, where does Brady get off complaining about Moss' beard, and telling him to cut it? Is the Patriots' QB -- who roots for the Yankees, by the way -- taking his Yankee fandom so far that he wants to institute a hair code for his team? If so, he really needs to take a look in the mirror, and see that his own hair would be banned in Yankeeland.

What happens if the Patriots don't make the playoffs because of Moss' absence? How silly will that be if this story is true, that Moss is gone because he dared to criticize what pretty much everybody else in America acknowledges -- that Tom Brady needs a haircut! When I saw Bill Simmons speak last week, he brought up Brady's hair several times, and mocked the 'do (more like a don't!)

Whose hairstyle looks dumber -- Tom Brady's or Jan Brady's? Tell us about it!

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Uncle Mike said...

Tom Brady's hairstyle is worse for one overriding reason: It's on the head of a cheating New Englander.

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