Monday, May 11, 2009

Are the Joba Rules ticking off the opposition?

The Yankees won yesterday's Mother's Day game, and there were plenty of pink bats, wristbands and spikes around, but the most noteworthy thing that happened was something the opposition did.

Aubrey Huff mocked Joba Chamberlain - twice - with fist pumps and what looked like roars as he rounded the bases after hitting a homer. He explained it this way:

"He's done it a couple of times to me when he's struck me out," Huff said. "For me, it's just in good fun. I always told the guys that if I get him, I'm going to give him a nice fist pump. For me, it wasn't really showing anybody up."

Chamberlain spoke about it after yesterday's game:
I'm here to win ballgames. I'm not here to make friends, to be honest with you.
He's got the reality show cliches down. What, is he auditioning for the next edition of "Survivor"?

Here's the thing - all the team-constructed nonsense in recent years about how the Yankees are so classy has hamstrung the team. And since Joba is the only Yankee pitcher in recent years to show emotion and pitch inside a lot, it's easy for other teams to single him out.

Is Chamberlain any worse than other cocky young pitchers out there? Not really. But because he's a Yankee, he's a target. It's the same reason why Jon Lester was so indignant when Chamberlain hit Jason Bay, when the Sox have been using Yankee players as target practice for half a decade. Because the Yanks are supposed to be classy, and above all that.

Maybe Joba should be all restrained, the way Jonathan Papelbon was after yesterday's Red Sox-Rays victory (click here to see what I'm talking about.)

I hope Aubrey Huff gets the chance to have some fun with mocking the Sox closer this year. Maybe Huff can imitate the whole Papelbon Riverdance thing while circling the bases. Sheesh.

* * *

In other news, it looks like the mainstream media is finally noticing what Yankee bloggers have been squawking about for weeks - that the secondary ticket market has completely collapsed. Crains New York notes that many of the prices on StubHub et al for Yankee Stadium tickets are below face value. The article also says:
And bargains are harder to find for weekend games and matches against hot teams like the world champion Philadelphia Phillies or legendary rivals like the Boston Red Sox.
That may be the case for future Red Sox games, but not for the ones from last week. Not only did I get a Yankees-Red Sox ticket for half price, but there were Yankees-Red Sox tickets for Tuesday night's game on sale Tuesday afternoon on for as little as $3 a piece!

Oh, and how about that Johnny Damon? He's very quietly hitting up a storm this year!

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Bronx Baseball Daily said...

I love the secondary ticket market. If it weren't for that I probably wouldn't be going to nearly as many games. And to think I used to dislike it when teams started their own scalping service.

Anonymous said...

Last week many people didn't go to the games because of the weather ...I had a bunch of friends who stayed home thinking it would never get played ..both days. I would render if the weather had been nicer there would have been a lot more fannies in the park ...except for maybe in the Rich & Famous seats.

I saw Paps lovely portrayal on the mound last night after he won ...he did strike out three and I do feel he is showing pure emotion BUT why is it when Joba does it there is such an uproar? Nobody is worse than Krod (or Frankie as he now likes to be takes him 5 minutes to finish all his antics after a game. Where's all the indignation for these two guys?

Everything the Yankees do is magnified compared to other teams but I guess that's what happens when you play for the greatest sports franchise in the history of the game ...right? I find even when they are losing the jealousy never ends from other fans. As Jeter has said in the past .."when they stop booing that's when I worry". Absolutely agree DJ...

Joba the game baby have enough friends on the Yankees you don't need to make any new ones.. :o).


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

Really? the only players who catch hell for showing emotion are yankee players? that's it then, there is a league-wide conspiracy against the yankees. that's a lot of anger towards a team that hasn't won the world series in 8 years, and for one that didn't make the playoffs last year and is currently in 4th place!

NAM said...


The reason Paplebon showed so much emotion last night is because the Sox beat the Rays, who, you may have noticed, give the Red Sox more trouble than any other team. So it was a big win and gave us the series. And I don't have a problem with any player showing emotion. Joba and Paplebon are very similar in their emotional styles. I think the difference is that Joba does it after every strike out whereas Pap does it after the win. At least that is what I have noticed. I don't think that they can even help doing it. As a fan, it's one of those things that you love if it is your team and hate if its not.

How's the Swan Flu - any better?

Anonymous said...

Nam ...never realized you were a female but I should have with your sensible comments .. :o). When I use my screen name most people take me for a guy too...

Joba doesn't do it after every K...only when it's a big one with runners on base even when he was a reliever. I can't remember but I think he had bases loaded or 2 men on which would have blown the game wide open if he didn't get the K in the Sox game. He came out without giving up a run so I consider that a pressure situation since the score was only 4-3 at the time. You have no idea what Paps would do in a regular game in the same situation since he only closes. He's pretty darn emotional so I think it's fair to say he would do it too...IMO

Paps came into a non-save situation last night. He made it into a tight situation but he did his thing and I have no problem with the fist pump after the three K's...I only have a problem when Joba is so scrutinized while pitchers like K-Rod or Paps go unscathed for their antics and both have plenty of antics after they get that final K in a game.

Just strange that Huff waited TWO years to do it..I guess he only could when he FINALLY hit a homer ...seems he has a problem with letting go I wonder what he'll do when he faces Paps ..will he remember all those fist pumps too?


Go Yankees 2009!!

Anonymous said... it really a bad thing if Joba is getting into the opposition's heads?

Yankees have let things go for a long time ..nice to know that other teams are now THINKING that it won't be that easy to take advantage with guys like Joba, AJ and CC on the mound.

I don't advocate head hunting but again ...big story if Joba hits someone...carries on for weeks if not longer. Beckett gets suspended for throwing at Abreu's head and you never hear another word about it. Strange but true ..isn't it?

Joba hits Bay in the side but the Sox carry on like he took his head off. Bay actually said in his original post interview he didn't think Joba was throwing at him because of the game situation.

Sox are very reactionary when they aren't doing the hitting


Go Yankees 2009 !!

The Emperor said...

"Really? the only players who catch hell for showing emotion are yankee players? that's it then, there is a league-wide conspiracy against the yankees. that's a lot of anger towards a team that hasn't won the world series in 8 years, and for one that didn't make the playoffs last year and is currently in 4th place!

Then how do you explain all the excessive vitriol towards Yankee players and why the reaction and treatment is so grossly out of proportion compared to what players on other teams receive for doing similar things?

T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Iris Brito said...

I'm starting to see more Yankee Players show emotions.

Andy Pettitte always has. Jorge Posada always has.

Jeter does not show much but he celebrates with a fist pump the same way Mariano does.

Jonathan Albaladejo does. Phil Coke at times does.

Rookie Francisco Cervelli is not afraid to show emotions. He already has.

Joba Chamberlain has his own way of showing his emotions. If he's not having fun out there then why is he playing for? What's so wrong about celebrating after being successful?

IMO, Jonathan PapelBUM and Franky Rodriguez go a little bit over the top.

oh and check out the blog:

Anonymous said...

Ok ..I don't drink but I am losing my mind ...Paps had a save situation last night ...duh on me!! I have no clue why I said he didn't ...


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

Anonymous said...

Even as a Mets fan, I hate K-Rod's postgame antics (Unless of course, it is against the Phillies). That being said, I don't generally mind or feel that a little celebration is a such bad thing, but shouldn't it be done only when the victory is sealed, or at least when your team is winning? I really don't care what Joba or Papelbon do, as they're in the AL and have no influence on the Mets in the standings, but I thought it was pretty funny when Joba got all fired up the other day, even though they were losing 4-3. But then again, I also hate touchdown celebrations in football when a team is down by 30 points. I guess if it fires up your teammates, who cares what anyone else thinks?


Lisa Swan said...

Wonder what it will be like when the Mets face the Red Sox in a few weeks? Specifically, who will make the bigger spectacle - Francisco Rodriguez or Jonathan Papelbon? There's a question for the ages!

Uncle Mike said...

I know it's only the Orioles -- sad to say, I'm old enough to remember the last THREE times that franchise mattered, 1977-83, the brief 1989 run and 1996-97 -- but two of three on the road is still two of three on the road.

That is, if you can call Camden Yards "the road." Once again, Michael Kay's "The Really South Bronx" line took hold. They really hate it when we invade. Tough luck.

Bronx B.D.: What do you think those $2500 (I'm sorry, $1250) seats are? The Yanks' own scalping service!

Peggy: You don't understand, the Mets are "real New York baseball" while the Red Sox are that wonderful, sentimental, humble, non-cheating team that would never actually hurt anybody. While the Yankees are THE EVIL EMPIRE! A bunch of cheating thugs! Or so ESPN and Fox tell us!

But you're right, Peggy: The Yankee teams I grew up with weren't concerned with making friends. As my favorite athlete of all time said, "The hell with Reggie Jackson that is gracious and sweet. Get it done!" Munson wasn't there to make friends. Neither was Nettles, or Piniella, or Lyle.

And, as you also point out, when the Sox think the Yankees are tough, it stays with them. The '70s Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee, who got sucker-punched by Nettles in that '76 brawl (I don't blame Nettles a bit), said, "Show me a team with 25 (jerks) and I'll show you a Pennant. I'll show you the New York Yankees." A rare moment of clarity for the Spaceman. The Yankees need to go back to the 1976-81 attitude of, "You don't like us? We don't give a damn!"

Emp: You're trying to get cogent thought out of KM. You do remember what team he roots for, right? The one that seems to raise Pennants every month through August, all the while the National League is singing "See You In September!"

And Lisa brings up an interesting point: The Mets are going to play the Red Sox. I think I'm going to be sick that weekend.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall the crap that people would spew about reyes and his handshakes and antics. the yankees aren't the only players who get critcized for showing emotion.
"who will make the bigger spectacle - Francisco Rodriguez or Jonathan Papelbon?"
I for one hope that it is KRod going over the top with his celebration.

NAM said...

Hi Peggy,

I think you are right that so much is about the attitude of the players. But sometimes I think its the fans and the media who make so much of it.

And when Huff does something like that it just stays in the head of the other team and makes it even sweeter the next time you beat them. And it makes for great baseball stories.

At least both our teams won their series! A day off. I think its been over two weeks since a day off!


Subway Squawkers said...

Everyone - thanks for asking about my health. I'm actually feeling better today, and am planning on jinxing - err, I mean, attending - tonight's Mets game with Squawker Jon! (He bribed me by promising to buy me food.)


NAM said...

It's always about the food. Enjoy!

Uncle Mike said...

Sadly, at a New York ballpark, when you try to make it about the food, it ends up being about the money.

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