Friday, May 29, 2009

CC Sabathia, A-Rod, Mariano Rivera, and other Yankees show up at Cleveland game

I haven't watched many - actually, make that any - NBA games lately. But I kind of wish I had watched last night's Cavaliers-Magic game - it sounds like something a Yankee fan would have enjoyed.

In the latest example of Yankee team-building, CC Sabathia organized a field trip for the Yankees in Cleveland. Alex Rodriguez, Mariano Rivera, Joba Chamberlain, Brett Gardner, Brett Tomko, and Brian Bruney were among the players at the game. Oh, and Carl Pavano was in the house as well - Peter Abraham reported that Pavano got cheered, while the Yanks got booed, when shown on the arena's big screen. At least it was boos, and not bugs!

Remember how LeBron James angered Cleveland by wearing a Yankee hat when the Indians and Yankees squared off in 2007? Sabathia may have switched allegiances himself, but he hasn't forgotten what James did. Bryan Hoch of MLB. com reports:

"I actually was going to send him a text and maybe buy an Orlando hat, since he wore a Yankees hat to our playoff game," Sabathia said.

But, but, CC's a Yankee now. Shouldn't he be praising LeBron for his prescience or something? Besides, this fall King James campaigned for Sabathia to be a Yankee!

TV reporter Craig Sager did a sideline interview with CC. Sager's clothing choices are, um, interesting. (He's the guy who Jonathan Papelbon sprayed champagne on during an interview last year.)

One other tidbit about the NBA. Did you know that Brett Tomko's father named the Cleveland Cavaliers, and also designed their first logo? Yankee beat writer Pete Caldera wrote about this in his Pinstripe Posts blog for the Bergen Record. Interesting coincidence!

Are you a basketball fan, or do you just watch baseball? Tell us your thoughts!


NAM said...


When you commented in your previous blog that you thought AJ Burnett looked like Harrison Ford, I thought, she is crazy. Then, last night I was flipping and AMC was running an ad for The Fugitive and Harrison Ford turned his head in such a way and I thought, that's AJ Burnett.

Uncle Mike said...

That's it: With these Harrison Ford comparisons, if Burnett walks the leadoff man in any inning in his next start, I'm going to say, "I've got a BAD feeling about this!"

Lisa Swan said...

Thanks, NAM! My brother thinks CC Sabathia looks like Forest Whitaker. Thoughts?

As for A.J./Harrison, wonder if he's afraid of snakes!

The Emperor said...

To me, when A.J. Burnette turns to the side, he looks a lot like Beavis on the Beavis & Butthead cartoons - especially the nose!!

To me, he's a cross between Harrison Ford and Beavis.

Nick Swisher resembles Gary Sinese.

I agree that CC does look a little bit like Forest Whitaker.

NAM said...

He does look a lot like Forrest Whitaker.

Emp, you are too funny! I agree on the Gary Sinese resemblance.

Okay, for my Red Sox comparison - I have always thought that Mike Lowell looks like Humprey Bogart. Especially from the old Warner Brothers cartoons of Bogie.

Anonymous said...

If I'd had my druthers ..I would like them to all look like the '98 Yankees ... :o)


Go Yankees 2009 !!!

NAM said...

And Lisa, everyone should be afraid of snakes. I was in my garage about a year ago and there was a large, very colorful snake behind my car. (I live in Florida.) So what did I do? I went and got my mom so she could scare it away with a flashlight. The woman is fearless.

Now burmese pythons are only 90 miles south of me. Ick!

Anonymous said...

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And of course: LeBron was pretty good, yeah. But four of his teammates scored in double-figures, which is the only reason the Cavs won last night. Game 6 is Orlando's to lose. The pressure has shifted from solely being on Cleveland to being on both teams. Cleveland is expected to win the series, but only eight teams have blown a 3-1 series league in NBA playoff history.
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Traveling Baseball Babes said...

Thank you, NAM. You've just confirmed that I will never be able to live in Florida without fearing that a snake is sharing my living space. Eeep!

The Emperor said...

Back in the 90's I used to have a Burmese Python. I named him "Beef". He grew to be 11 feet long, and he was very tame.

I gave him away because one day I couldn't feed him live rats anymore.

I did love that snake, though. He was a good snake.

Anonymous said...


See, now I'm afraid of you. LOL
Have a great weekend.


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