Monday, May 11, 2009

See Johan Santana at a discount!

Squawker Lisa and I have made a last-minute decision to go the Met game tonight. I talked her into it by offering to buy her something at Taste of the City. We found promenade infield reserved tickets, which list at $20 for this game, for $14.

I'm glad to see that moderately-priced tickets are available the day of the game, and between the bases, no less. They are high up, but the upper deck at Citi is so much lower than it was at Shea.

But come on, people! Johan Santana vs. Derek Lowe! Seven-game winning streak putting your team into first place! Maybe not everyone has the time or inclination to head out to Flushing on a Monday night, but moderately-priced tickets available at a discount?

I'm trying to figure out the catch. Maybe I unknowingly got restricted view seats. I did make sure to avoid the first row. Maybe Santana will leave the game with a lead but will be relieved by Sean Green. Maybe Lisa will wear her Yankee jacket and cause a ruckus.

Chipper Jones has a sore elbow and might miss the game. Surely that couldn't account for the lack of ticket demand.

I just checked StubHub again and see that most of the under-$20 options in promenade infield have now been snapped up. And I can't say I'm surprised. You don't mess with the Johan as a gate attraction!

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Subway Squawkers said...

I'm planning on causing a ruckus, Squawker Jon! Watch out when I'm decked from head to toe in Yankee gear!


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