Monday, May 4, 2009

The Many Lives of the New York Mets

Mets have no edge! Break up the core! It doesn't take an investigative reporter to see that, tonight at least, all was well in Metsland. Rallying after being down, 3-0, at usual house of horrors Turner Field. Two homers from Carlos Beltran, one from David Wright, and two steals from Jose Reyes, who only had four on the year coming into the game. John Maine makes it through six after it was starting to look like he would pull an Ollie and walk himself out of the game in the second inning.

The only thing missing was a ticket to Buffalo for Oliver Perez. But at least he is out of the rotation. Taking his place will be the latest product of Omar Minaya's youth movement, 40-year-old rookie Ken Takahashi, who is not stretched out and will have a pitch count of something like 65. It's the Takahashi Rules!

But something tells me the Mets are really going to need that edge when Takahashi pitches on Friday. Because when The 40-Year-Old Rookie makes his early exit, guess who's making his debut as the long reliever?

I wonder what Ollie's entrance music will be. I'm thinking "Dazed and Confused."


Anonymous said...

Dazed and Confused definitely is a good idea. I can also imagine "Head Games".

Ryan O said...

My List:

1 - Circus or carnival theme music
2 - Spanish Flea Song
3 - Enter Sandman

Anonymous said...

"Mind Games" would work. How about "Walk this Way"? "Under Pressure"? "Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat"? Or (for once at least) "We didn't START the fire"?

(Kidding aside, here's to the return of "Good Ollie" one day. Please. Seriously. Oy.)

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