Monday, May 18, 2009

David Wells lowers the boom on Roger Clemens and Alex Rodriguez

Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of David Wells' perfect game, and the hefty lefty was in the Stadium to do the Yankee-Twins broadcast with Ron Darling for TBS. And Wells didn't just cover the news - he made the news by unleashing on steroids.

Wells suggested that steroid users be banned for life on the first offense:
"Just ban them right out of the get-go; I think that would be great," Wells said. "No 50-game suspension. Ban them right away, that would stop it in a heartbeat -- especially with the money they are giving out today. It would be incredible if they did that. You wouldn't have to worry about steroids or HGH."
Yeah, other than that there is no test for HGH! Everybody focuses on increasing the punishment for steroids as being a deterrent, but the reality is that almost nobody fails the PED test.

Only two MLB players failed it for the 2008 season, and three in 2009. And of those three, none of the players suspended so far this year - Manny Ramirez, J.C. Romero, and Sergio Mitre - were caught with actual anabolic steroids themselves in their system. Ramirez was nailed for his high testosterone level and the prescription for the female fertility drug, while Romero and Mitre were busted for banned supplements.

So MLB could raise the penalty to not just a ban from the game, but a sentence of being forced to listen to Celine Dion 24/7, and it wouldn't matter. Most players using PEDs would still figure out a way to do their thing without getting caught.

Wells did crack me up with his comments on Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens. Regarding the homers A-Rod hit off him as a Ranger, Boomer opined:

"He claimed he was on the juice so, no, they shouldn't count," Wells said.

What a solipsist. Wells doesn't want all the 156 homers A-Rod hit in those years removed from the record books, just the ones against him! Funny.

Wells also got his revenge against Roger Clemens for the Rocket calling him "Eli" all those years - a contraction for "He lies":

Wells said he last saw Clemens at a Toby Keith charity golf event in Oklahoma, greeting him with the old Yankees clubhouse nickname of "Eli." He grinned when asked about the reversal in their stances -- during their playing days, Clemens was lauded for his intense workouts while Wells rarely performed more physical conditioning than running and what he called "12-ounce curls."

"For years, he called me 'Eli,'" Wells said. "You know, whatever comes out of Boomer's mouth, 'He lies.' Well, I got payback. Actually, it was great. ... And Roger didn't like it very much, but he came over and said hello."

Heh! You know Wells was bitter about that whole Eli thing - I remember reading how Clemens bragged to reporters about that clever nickname he came up with for Boomer. So I did find it funny that he got to throw it back in his face.

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