Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A long evening waiting for - and watching - Yankees-Red Sox

Maybe I outsmarted myself after all with the whole getting StubHub tickets for half price thing. I was thinking it would be okay if Monday's game were rained out, as I'd have a decent seat for a future Yankees-Red Sox game this summer.

So much for that clever thinking. Unfortunately, the game wasn't rained out - it just started 2 hours and 15 minutes late. And the weather was miserable. I had on my heavy winter Yankee coat, and I was still freezing and wet for most of the evening.

I ran into Freddy the Fan during the rain delay, and told him that bloggers were concerned that he wasn't getting regular game access. He said everything's been settled, and he doesn't have to worry about how he's getting into the stadium any more. Thank goodness!

And so much for the new stadium being more hospitable during rain delays. The open area on the side of the upper deck concourse means that the rain and wind whips in. The new stadium concourses get very crowded during weather delays, especially by the food lines.

At least there were not one but two Disco Stu greatest hit video montages on the big screen. The screen showed lots and lots of wet fans dancing. Me, I was too cold to do much of anything!

I'm still unimpressed with the way the interior looks. I told Baseball Honeymoon co-hosts Lisa Winston and Wayne Wilentz that I felt like I was late for class when I walking up the ramps, and I still feel that way.

As for the food, it was a mixed experience. I was only planning on having a shrimp tempura roll, which was actually pretty tasty. But it was a long evening, so I got hungry later on. I had a terrible hot dog, which I ended up throwing out most of. Later on, when I was freezing, I got a hot Italian sausage sandwich, which wasn't good, either.

Other than seeing Joe Girardi quickly thrown out, we didn't know any of the intrigue about sign-stealing or Jorge Posada getting hurt. Fans seemed to get a kick over the ball being buzzed by Dustin Pedroia, though. Incidentally, he has the absolute worst big screen picture of any Red Sox. It makes driver's license shots look like they were done by Avedon.

And thumbs down on the new Red Sox road uniforms. They look like the Yankee away uniforms - very bland and boring.

The game seemed to turn around after Girardi got tossed - I don't know if it inspired the team or what, but Johnny Damon hit a homer right after, and then Mark Teixeira did. And later on in the game, Mark sent another "Tex message," as John Sterling called it.

The hour was getting late - the game went on past one a.m. - but I didn't want to leave, even though at this time of night, the Staten Island Ferry only runs once an hour. I was hoping the Yanks would pull out a victory for the ages.

So in the ninth inning, when the Yanks got to Jonathan Papelbon, I really expected the Yanks to rally and win. I could just picture seeing Mark Teixeira hitting his third homer of the game and having his so-called "True Yankee" moment. When that didn't happen, I still expected the Yanks to win, to make the evening's misery worthwhile. Unfortunately, even though they loaded the bases, the rally fizzled, the rain drizzled, and I didn't get home until 3:15 a.m. Not exactly a game for the memory books!

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Anonymous said...

Lisa, I loved the Avedon line! Big props to you for your commitment to your team. It takes a true fan to withstand crappy weather, crappy food, a near-comeback and not getting home until after 3 am!

I'm headed to the new stadium Wednesday, not for a game unfortunately, but for my niece's NYU graduation. But I'm excited nonetheless, looking forward to seeing it!


NAM said...


It looked miserable and cold at the stadium and I have to say, even as a Sox fan, it seemed like a painful game. I was forutnate to be home in bed and could not keep my eyes open for the bottom of the ninth. I woke up once to see that there were two on and one out and had to check the score on ESPN bottom line when I woke up again around 4:00 a.m. I just realized it's only a two game series and the Sox have to face the Rays again this weekend. Ugh!

Paul from Boston said...

I was wondering how long you'd last - good for you for sticking it out! I, too, thought the Yankees were going to pull out a victory and was just as convinced it was going to be Teixeira so I flipped the channel and checked online. If I'm going to lose sleep its not going to be to see him have his "true Yankee" moment as you called it. Paplebon has been laboring this year - not sure why 5 outs was such a good idea.

Heard your bit on Baseball Honeymoon - nicely done!

NAM - Ugh is right! We seem to be the only team they can beat so I guess I'll have to stick with watching Bs and Cs since all three teams play at about the exact same time on Friday and Sunday nights.

Cheers everyone!

NAM said...

Hey Paul,

I know. It is an embarrassment of riches to have two teams in the playoffs, but it is also exhausting! Hated the loss last night. At least they showed some life in the second period.

Anonymous said...

I was at the game last night …a win would have made the LONG night that much better but at least they made it exciting at the end…just one hit away and didn’t go down without a fight. I don’t know if I should laugh at Yankee fans, scratch my head over them or just plain cry. We have played a grand total of 25 games and people are tossing the season aside …a whopping 3 games out of first place on May 5th..WOW !!! I have to say that Yankee fans are the most fickled in the world …if we got a hit last night the same people moaning about the season would be declaring how we are all heart, how we are going to the World Series, how great this team is…the Red Sox usually have our number in the beginning of the season for some strange reason but then we win in the latter part..hopefully we keep true to form.

I wish folks would give it a break …be a fan…get behind the team and stop with the whining after every single loss. Are they expected to win EVERY game ?? It’s early in the season..not the final week.

As far as the Stadium ...I miss the old one but I will get use to this one faster than I thought. I've tried a few different foods ...some better than others ...high prices but not much different from most places in New York. I go to about 40 games a season so most times I just buy a nice big hero at the deli on 161st along with a snack and drink for about $10.00. Unlike Lisa I think the new place is beautiful with a feel of the old place. The only thing I'm not that fond of is Monument Park...too much like a mausoleum. I have found staff to be very helpful and pleasant and I've been there for seven games so far this season. I have seats in the upper deck and the view is terrific. As with any new home it takes time to get use to it.

I guess I just don't like to whine and complain about everything and just let the season unfold...it takes 162 games to accomplish that and I hope the Yankees do it with a 27th Championship.


Go Yankees 2009 !!

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