Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Melkman - and A-Rod - deliver as the Yankees walkoff in style

For most of yesterday's game, I didn't have much hope for a Yankee victory. As I expected them to, they did very little against J.A. Happ, while Andy Pettitte gave up five runs. And given that it was the FOX Game of the Week, which the Yanks usually lose, it didn't look good. The biggest excitement of the game up until that point was FOX misidentifying John Mayberry Jr.'s dad in the stands after Mayberry's first career homer.

But I had a good feeling in the ninth inning that the Yanks were going to do something against Brad Lidge. Down by two in the ninth, up against a big name closer? That was the same scenario against Joe Nathan last week, and we all know how that turned out! So I was not surprised that the Yankees won, or that Alex Rodriguez and Melky Cabrera were the heroes.

Before the game, friend of the Squawkers Larry Milian interviewed me on South Florida's WTFL 640. I talked on the radio about how Alex Rodriguez did the opposite of his so-called stat-padding reputation this season, where he's only had a few hits this year, but nearly every one has been critical to the game. And whaddaya know, he goes 1 for 4 today, with that one hit a game-tying homer.

And how about Melky Cabrera? Three walkoff hits in two months? Amazing!

Anyhow, the ninth inning was something else. Off to watch that walkoff celebration again!

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Anonymous said...

can't understand why yankee fans don't like papelbon. I like him just fine.
i certainly was not rooting for the yankees to win, but beating lidge is almost worth, i just dislike that guy. knew as soon as he walked damon that it would bite him in the arse!

Anonymous said...

Lisa you have to let me know the next time you're on 640. I listen to the station down here in Miami.

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