Sunday, May 10, 2009

Watch the fur fly at the Stadium

Even though the Yankees reduced their premium seat prices, there are still too many unfilled seats at the Stadium. So what can the Bombers do?

Steve Lombardi of Was Watching has a suggestion for what to do with all the empty seats at Yankee Stadium:

Maybe the Yankees should think about doing a “Bark at the Park” event? How funny would it be to see, during telecasts of games at the new Yankee Stadium, dogs filling what are now going as empty seats (in the “premium suite locations”)?

I agree, but I would go two steps further. First, there could be a Claws at the Park event, featuring cats. My cat C.C. would love the chance to meow at CC Sabathia.

Second, remember how a bunch of animals at the Bronx Zoo are getting laid off? According to the New York Post:

Deer, bats, porcupines, foxes, lemurs, caimans and antelopes will be pink-slipped as part of the 114-year-old zoo's effort to cope with a $15 million budget shortfall.

Why not put them to work at Yankee Stadium? Aside from having the animals as seat fillers, here are some other ideas for the critters:

* The bats could be bat boys
* The porcupines could help with security
* Instead of a rally monkey, there could be a rally lemur
* Foxes could be scouts looking to outfox the competition
* Deer could bring the lineup card to the umpire
* The antelope could tote food and drinks to fans
* The caiman could jaw with umpires over bad calls

What a zoo!

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Uncle Mike said...

Or, we could just invite Red Sox fans. They're close enough to being animals.

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