Sunday, May 3, 2009

'Lima Time' now 'Ollie Time'

Move over, Jose Lima! With his latest meltdown, Oliver Perez has become the standard for Met pitcher you least want to see on the mound. In four starts in 2006, Lima had an ERA of 9.87. Hard to top that, but in five starts, Ollie's ERA now stands at 9.97.

In 17 2/3 innings, Lima allowed 25 hits and 10 walks, which comes out to about two hits or walks per inning. But in 21 2/3 innings, Ollie has allowed 28 hits and 21 walks, well over two hits or walks per inning, and just about one walk per inning.

Perez is averaging a little over four innings per start, just like Lima.

The Mets gave Lima four starts before getting rid of him for good. Ollie's had five starts and now something has to be done. Let's hope it's the minors, but if not, then it's the bullpen. I still think he can be straightened out eventually, since he has been in this situation before and recaptured his effectiveness, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in the rotation.

The person most opposed to Ollie getting sent down has to be Sean Green, who will become the new target once there is no Ollie to kick around anymore. Green's ERA now stands at 8.76. Compared to these guys, Livan Hernandez is practically an ace with his ERA of 6.75.

But despite Ollie's meltdown and Green allowing the game-winning bases-loaded walk in the tenth, the day wasn't a total loss. At least the Mets fought back for a change, rallying to take the lead in the sixth. Hitters took the extra base and found more ways to bring home runners in scoring position, with two sac flies today.

Before Green blew the game, four relievers combined for 6 2/3 of 3-hit ball, allowing only one run. You don't want to see Pedro Feliciano allowing a homer to a lefty for the second day in a row, but giving up homers to Chase Utley and Raul Ibanez in Philly's bandbox is at least more respectable than loading the bases with a single, HBP and walk before walking in the winning run.

The Mets are starting to look less like a team without heart and more like a team with heart, but with some bad pieces.

And they still have a chance to take the series with Philly.

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