Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comeback karma for Yankees and Mets

When Squawker Lisa and I have gone to a ballgame this year, the karma so far has been all flowing in her direction. After last night, we have now been to two Yankee games together and the Yankees have won both. Lisa went to a Yankee game without me and the Yankees lost.

We have been to two Met games together (one an exhibition) and the Mets lost both, including the game that ended their seven-game winning streak. I went to one other Met game without her and the Mets won.

Guess this means that I should avoid going to the Subway Series with Lisa!

It certainly was an exciting game. Even I appreciated Brett Gardner's inside-the-park home run. There were five homers hit overall, but ultimately Yankee Stadium was not a total hitters park last night since every homer was a solo shot and the score was only 4-2 going into the bottom of the ninth.

I was pleased to see that while people cheered for A-Rod when he first came to bat, most fans did not stand for the admitted cheat. The Squawker next to me in her A-Rod shirt was an exception, however.

When Carlos Gomez came to bat against Phil Hughes, I couldn't help but think of Johan Santana. The Yankees refused to part with Hughes, while Gomez was one of the main pieces of the Mets' deal. So far, big advantage Mets.

When Gardner tripled to lead off the ninth, I told Lisa that I would think the Yankees were going to win if top closer Joe Nathan were not on the mound. But Lisa correctly predicted that the Yankees could get to Nathan. She also said it was a mistake to walk Cano to get to Cabrera.

So I brought the karma for 8 2/3 innings but, just like Nathan, couldn't close it out.

Meanwhile, the Mets were down by four runs to Tim Lincecum, so I figured that game would be well out of hand by the time I got home.

But maybe I brought some comeback karma back from Yankee Stadium, since I turned on the TV just in time to see David Wright tie the game with a three-run double. And the Mets would end up with their biggest comeback win of the year.

I guess Jose Reyes really was hurt after all. And while I'm still skeptical about Gary Sheffield long-term, he has gotten two hits in three straight games now that he is getting more playing time. But there is still nothing to suggest that Sheffield is still a power hitter who should be batting cleanup.

Still, 22 runs in three games, two of them without Reyes, all of them without Carlos Delgado. Hard to complain. With Lisa safely 3,000 miles away, let's hope the Mets can keep the good karma on the road trip.

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nutballgazette said...

My best friend From High School will not go to games with me anymore. He flew down to Jacksonville and the Jags beat "His" Giants on Monday night And also temps were in the 30s with 30 MPH winds, Then we met in Baltimore and saw the Yankees lose 2 to the Last Place O's.
He doesn't like me anymore..LOL

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