Sunday, May 3, 2009

Not a great day for CC Sabathia or the Yankees

I didn't watch yesterday's game live, although I did listen to portions on it on the radio while I was out running errands, and watched a little of it this morning. Given the Yankees' last few Saturday debacles, I didn't have a good feeling about the game!

A few points:

* Whatever happened to the Yankees' advance scouting department? Over the past few years, it seems that they always struggle against pitchers they've never seen before. What's up with that?

* Is it time to be officially concerned about CC Sabathia?

* When will Mark Teixeira start hitting?

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Roger 9 said...

The Yankees have a long history of being shackled by no name pitchers making their major league debuts or journey men who can't beat anyone else. There is something systemic with the makeup of this team that makes it impossible for them to win consistently. The mark of a bad team is one that will win a blowout then lose a blowout but not be able to win the close games. Do these characteristics fit the Yankees? Really a moot question!

Paul from Boston said...

Looked up a couple of stats to kill some time before the Sox game. Teixeira is known for slow starts and although his average is below his career April numbers, his OBP is actually a touch higher.

CC's still better than his 7.88 ERA from last April and then he settled down nicely with an ERA under 3 last May. Much as I'd get a chuckle out of it, I just can't see this guy being a bust - but I also don't think his ERA of 1.12 will be repeated this August. He eats NL batters alive.

So the weather reports aren't looking good. Does the Yankee bullpen get a day off ahead of our next series while we have Penny on the mound which doesn't bode well for ours?


Anonymous said...

CC is a good pitcher, but, you have to remember that he wasn't very good in cleveland last season. when he got to milwaukee he really turned it on. plus the poor guy threw 250+ innings last year!

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