Friday, May 15, 2009

CC is stellar, Hideki hits one, and Yanks change a policy - a little

The Yankees still don't look like they've got it together, but they somehow have managed to win two series in a row. First-place Toronto suffered its first home series loss of the year, thanks to the Yanks. And the Bombers are finally at .500.

Last night seemed like a slog, though. I was worried that the Yanks were going to waste CC Sabathia's great start. Then I was worried that Mariano Rivera was going to be shaky in relief. Fortunately, the Yanks, thanks to Derek Jeter's hit and Hideki Matsui's homer, ended their road trip on a high note. Oh, and I'm digging Francisco Cervelli a lot. He's something else.

Now it's back to the new home ballpark for A-Rod's first game in The House That Trost Built (And Screwed Up). Speaking of which, after Lonn Trost's PR debacle about not wanting to let "fans" in those "suites" (otherwise known as seats) for batting practice, the Bombers agreed yesterday to allow fans watch batting practice from some areas in the field level - the outfield, that is. Those precious Legends seats are still off-limits to the fans.

Heck, those seats were even off-limits to NYU graduates in their Stadium commencement ceremony! Squawker reader Cindy was at the ceremony to see her niece graduate, and took the photo above. The Legends box seats were left empty for the ceremony, while students (including my friend Mandy, who graduated this week) had to squint to see Hillary Clinton speak. Good grief.

Anyhow, the Yanks, who are 6-7 at home, are headed back to the new Stadium tonight. I'm predicting an A-Rod homer - probably in his first at-bat!

* * *

Remember Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel? It was the place where the Yankees' 1974 season ended, thanks to Bobby Murcer getting hurt trying to break up a brawl between Bill Sudakis and Rick Dempsey. Anyhow, the hotel is in the news again. Big League Stew wrote that:
According to the Palm Beach Post, "at least two pairs of Marlins" shared a room during this week's series against the Brewers because they're scared of the ghosts that haunt The Pfister.
I wrote 'Duk of Big League Stew to fill him in on the hotel's brawling ballplayer history - there was also a fight between two Pirates in 1998 there - and he added it to the story. Click here to read about it - there's a Squawker shoutout in the article!

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Uncle Mike said...

Nice game last night, the kind the Yankees (the last two or three years, anyway) have tended to lose. It looks like CC Sabathia's doing what he did last year: Rough start, then becoming a reliable workhorse. Glad to see Jeter okay and Matsui, if not "okay" (he may never be that again), hit one out.

The last time I was in Toronto was in 2006 to see the Yankees clinch the division, and it was Japanese Night at the SkyDome -- I mean, the Rogers Centre. A lot of Japanese-Canadians and Japanese-Americans in the house, but no Japanese players on the field. Matsui was hurt, and I think the Jays had one Japanese player on their roster but he didn't make it into the game, either. Anyway, the Yanks lost because Joe Torre played the jayvees, starting Sean Henn (thank God that bum is gone), but clinched anyway because the Red Sox lost that night.

I'm going to be in the City tomorrow, and I'm considering going to the game. Of course, they're playing the Minnesota Twins, and I'll never forget that the day my nieces were born, the Yanks were also playing the Twins -- and won. Not sure how the girls will take that when they're old enough to know baseball. They turn 2 in July, but I've already gotten them to say this:

What do we think of the Yankees? "Yay!"

What do we think of the Mets? "P.U.!"

Which brings me to the subject of the graduation ceremony. I wonder if Lonn Trost can spell NYU?

NAM said...

Uncle Mike,

I forget you have twin nieces. Nice!

Have a good weekend all. I am still recovering Boston's triple loss yesterday.

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